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(A mastery of this selected list of the most commonly-used Malay words should help you to carry out a very simple conversation in Malay.)
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A basic course in the Malaysian and Indonesian languages in 64 lessons  ©pgoh13.com
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  Lesson 25 Mengapa? (Why?)  

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A second reading (by Muhammad Nor Ismat, a native speaker)
Mengapa tidak datang?
Kerana sakit.
Mengapa datang lambat?
Kerana hujan.
Mengapa sedih?
Kerana sudah hilang pasport saya.
Why didn't you come?
Because I was sick.
Why did you come late?
Because it rained.
Why are you sad?
Because I have lost my passport.
sakit = sick
lambat = late
hujan = rain
sedih = sad
hilang = to lose

You will notice that although "you" and "I" have to be specified in English in the above examples they are more commonly left out in Malay.
Putting the above question-and-answer form in a sentence would produce the following:
Saya tidak datang kerana sakit.
Saya datang lambat kerana hujan.
Saya sedih kerana sudah hilang pasport saya.

Another word that is used as much as kerana is sebab.
Thus to the question Mengapa datang lambat? the answer could just as well be Sebab hujan.
Okay, if mengapa means "why", what does tidak mengapa mean? It is just an expression that means "It doesn't matter", "It's all right" or "Forget about it". It's the same as tidak apa.

passport paspor pasport
because karena kerana

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