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Lesson 3 of A Basic Malay Language Course by pgoh13

Lesson 3 Ini ... (This is ...)

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A second reading (by Michelle Nor Ismat, a native speaker)

This is my car. Ini kereta saya.
This is my father. Ini bapa saya.
This is my mother. Ini emak saya.
This is my wife. Ini isteri saya.
This is my child. Ini anak saya.
This is my friend. Ini kawan saya
Ini... = This is ...
kereta = car
kereta saya = my car
bapa = father
bapa saya = my father
emak = mother
emak saya = my mother
isteri = wife
isteri saya = my wife
anak = child
anak saya = my child
kawan = friend
kawan saya = my friend

For those who want to know more

You might have noticed that unlike English and French, where the possessive pronoun precedes the noun, in Malay it is the other way round i.e. the noun comes first followed by the possessive pronoun. Thus "my car" becomes kereta saya (car my) and "your friend" becomes kawan anda (friend your).
Again don't try to look for the Malay equivalent of "is" in the sentences above. There is none because Ini kereta saya is literally This my car although it means "This is my car"!
1. Ini is used for something within reach or when you are introducing someone. When an object is not within reach we use Itu eg. Itu rumah saya. = That is my house (if you are pointing to it across the road to a friend).
2. Another word for "father" in Malay is ayah .
3. Another word for "mother" is ibu.
4. Another word for "wife" is bini.
5. From anak (child) we have anak lelaki (son) and anak perempuan (daughter).

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