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(A mastery of this selected list of the most commonly-used Malay words should help you to carry out a very simple conversation in Malay.)
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A basic course in the Malaysian and Indonesian languages in 64 lessons  ©pgoh13.com
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  Lesson 46  Prepositions:  kepada, daripada  
  (to, from a person)  

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A second reading (by Muhammad Nor Ismat, a native speaker)
Tolong beri ini kepada dia.
Surat ini datang daripada siapa?
Daripada kawan saya.
Anda beli kasut untuk siapa?
Untuk anak saya.
Please give this to him.
From whom is this letter?
From my friend.
For whom are you buying the shoes?
For my child.

If you are confused whether to use ke or kepada and dari or daripada perhaps it might help if you remember that just as the word "place" has fewer letters than "people", similarly in Malay the shorter words (ke, dari) are used for "place" and the longer (kepada, daripada) are used for "people".
Other prepositions that are used with people eg. untuk (for) and dengan (with) have been dealt with in Lessons 39 and 41 respectively.

More sentences:

Anda hantar e-mel kepada siapa? (To whom are you sending the e-mail?)
You can also use the word kirim instead of hantar for "sending" a letter or email.
Saya hantar e-mel kepada emak saya. I am sending it to my mother.
You can also use the word ibu instead of emak for "mother".
daripada sekarang or dari sekarang = from now on
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This letter comes from my friend. Surat ini datang daripada teman aku. Surat ini datang daripada kawan saya.
For whom are you buying the shoes? Anda beli sepatu untuk siapa? Anda beli kasut untuk siapa?
I am sending an email to my mother. Aku kirim email kepada ibu aku. Saya hantar e-mel kepada emak saya.
I have to repeat again that often, when a word is put under Indonesian it does not mean that that word is not also used in Malaysia. It simply means that that word is more popularly used in Indonesia than in Malaysia, that's all. So ibu is as much used as emak in Malaysia for "mother". The same goes for kirim which is as much used as hantar in Malaysia for "sending" a letter or email. Just as aku is as much used as saya in Malaysia - but you know this already!

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