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(A mastery of this selected list of the most commonly-used Malay words should help you to carry out a very simple conversation in Malay.)
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A basic course in the Malaysian and Indonesian languages in 64 lessons  ©pgoh13.com
These lessons are copyrighted and their publication in any form is strictly prohibited.

  Lesson 64 Signboard language   

In this lesson I will familiarize you with some of the Malay terms used on signboards everywhere in Malaysia.

A signboard in the Kelana Jaya LRT station
Keluar = Exit
Masuk = Entrance
Awas = Warning/Attention
Tolak = Push
Tarik = Pull
Bahaya = Danger
Tandas = Toilet
Berhati-hati dengan penyeluk saku = Beware of pickpockets.
Sila beratur = Please queue up.
Jangan jadi diri anda mangsa ragut = Don't let yourself fall victim to snatch thieves.
Sign in a railway station:
Pusat simpan bagasi = Left luggage centre
Sign on entering bus:
Sila sedia tambang tepat. Baki tidak akan dipulangkan. = Please prepare the exact fare. No change will be given.
Sign in an LRT counter:
Kad perjalanan bulanan = Monthly travel card
Sign on highway (remember it's "left hand drive" in Malaysia):
Ikut kiri kecuali memotong = Keep to the left unless overtaking.
Signboard in the Kelana Jaya LRT station (photo on right):
Dilarang merokok = Smoking prohibited.
Dilarang makan atau minum = Eating or drinking prohibited.
Dilarang membuangkan sampah = Littering prohibited.
Dilarang melekatkan gula-gula getah = Sticking of chewing gum prohibited.
Dilarang menampal pelekat = Pasting of posters and bills prohibited.
Dilarang barangan merbahaya = Hazardous material prohibited.
Dilarang membawa binatang = Animals prohibited.
Dilarang basikal = Bicycle prohibited.
Dilarang membawa kargo = Commercial cargo prohibited.
Dilarang bermain muzik = Playing music prohibited.
Dilarang meminta sedekah = Begging prohibited.
Dilarang lepak = Loitering prohibited.
Dilarang masuk = No entry.

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