April 24, 2005

Malaysians Abroad Not Exempted
From Applying For MyKad

PENANG, April 24 (Bernama) -- Malaysians who are overseas on official duty or residing in foreign countries are not exempted from applying for a MyKad, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said Sunday.
He said they should return to the country soon to apply for the MyKad, a government multi-purpose card.
Applications made before Dec 31 are free while RM20 would be charged for those made after the date, he said.
"So far, it's RM20 but whether the amount needs to be increased or otherwise, we'll have to study," he told reporters after attending the appointment of a new abbot for the Siong Kheng Chook Lim Si Temple at Jalan Perak.
Tan said Malaysians in foreign countries must write-in to the National Registration Department if they were unable to return to Malaysia to apply for a MyKad.
"They should state the reasons why they cannot come back to apply for MyKad. The NRD reserves the right to consider whether to levy a charge or otherwise if they had applied after Dec 31, 2005," he said.
For applicants who are unable collect the cards after three months from the date of application, he said a RM100 fine would be imposed but the fine could be waived or reduced if they have valid reasons, such as if they had taken ill.
Tan said about 3.5 million Malaysians, including those overseas, have not applied for MyKads, while 15 million have received the cards.
He said some 300,000 applicants have not claimed the cards from the NRD.
Tan urged high commissioners and ambassadors to inform Malaysians in the countries they served to return to Malaysia to get the cards.
To enable people living in remote areas in Sabah and Sarawak where it took two or three days to reach the nearest NRD office, he said the department had taken measures to send its officers to such areas.
Tan said the NRD had sufficient officers and staff to process MyKad applications.
On a complaint by a trader Mat Ali Sam on the bureaucratic procedures he had to put up with when applying for a MyKad, Tan urged the complainant and NRD officers to discuss to resolve the matter.

Tuesday April 12, 2005

Overseas collection of MyKad mulled

KANGAR: The Home Ministry was looking at the possibility of using the High Commissions as centres for Malaysians overseas to collect their MyKad.
Minister Datuk Azmi Khalid said Malaysians abroad who returned to register for the MyKad need not wait in the country for months to collect their cards, if this possibility worked out.
He said currently, those overseas must return to register for the MyKad and wait until their cards were issued.
“If the new proposal goes through, they can register in the country first and collect their cards at the respective embassies overseas later,” he said.
The electronic security system now only allowed registrations in the country, he said.
“We are studying the possibility of distributing the cards to our High Commissions to allow our citizens overseas to collect them there after registering in the country,” he said after hosting a dinner for Perlis Puteri Islam members on Sunday.
About three million Malaysians have yet to register for MyKad.
It is learnt there are now over one million Malaysians overseas, either working, studying or married to foreign spouses.
Azmi said identity cards used now would no longer be valid after Dec 31 while those applying for MyKad next year “will likely have to pay for the card and be fined.”
Earlier, Azmi also announced that he would be setting up a welfare foundation named after his wife Datin Yasmin Abdullah, who died of cancer last month.

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