LATEST: KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 7: By January, 84,000 18-year-olds will know whether they have been selected for Malaysia’s first National Service programme.
Notification will either be via post, the short messaging system (SMS) or on the Defence Ministry website.
National Service Department deputy director-general Omar Abdul Rahman said he was also looking into the possibility of displaying participants' names on television.
"Whatever the media, school-leavers will be notified before the programme begins on Feb 10. In the event of delay, the alternative commencement date would be Feb 16." Selection of candidates is carried out randomly on computer, based on National Registration Department and Examination Board records.

NOV 6, 2003 THU

Cool and fun - NS, Malaysia-style

Uniforms will be 'cool and people-friendly', says minister at launch of campaign to recruit instructors for the national service scheme

KUALA LUMPUR - The government is using a 'young, cool and fun' image as part of an aggressive drive to recruit 5,000 instructors to train 18-year-old Malaysians for the national service scheme.
The uniforms for young national service men and women are designed to give the scheme a fun image. About 90,000 teens will be called up from February for three-month training stints. -- THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK
The recruitment campaign was launched on Monday together with the new uniforms the authorities hope will project a fun image for teenagers required to serve their nation.
'We need instructors who have skills in physical activities, community services and character building,' said Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak.
The government was also considering hiring 3,000 former uniformed service men and women as instructors who must go through a two-week course.
The course teaches the basics of military doctrine, how to instil discipline and foster positive religious and social values.
About 90,000 youths born in 1986 will be called up in three intakes from February for training stints lasting three months which will promote patriotism, national integration and volunteerism.
They will undergo military training, attend motivational courses in public universities and also do a variety of community work.
National service men and women, who get six meals a day, will wear what Datuk Seri Najib describes as 'cool, people-friendly uniforms suitable for the younger generation'.
The three sets of uniforms are in blue military camouflage, classroom and sports wear designs.
'These reflect equality for all participants, no matter what social status or background they come from,' he said.
The three red flames in the national service logo symbolises burning enthusiasm and patriotism while the national crest is a symbol of inter-racial unity.
Malaysian teenagers interviewed liked the uniforms, but they were also concerned about what life would be like for them in national service.
Said Mahendran Appadurai, a student who will be 18 next year: 'Looking good is one thing, enduring the programme is another.'
Choo Dee Lern, 17, said: 'I hope more details of the training syllabus will be revealed.'
Student Toh Li Shea said: 'I do not like uniforms, but if I have to go through the programme, I will do it with an open mind.' -- New Straits Times, The Star/Asia News Network