Saturday April 16, 2005

Malaysia’s oldest woman dies

Lim: Her secret to longevity and staying healthy is 'Don't worry. Be happy'.
TAIPING: Malaysia’s oldest woman Lim Khoo Chai has died – just three months shy of her 114th birthday.
Her granddaughter Chin Suan Choo, 28, said Lim passed away peacefully in her sleep at the Taiping Hospital at about 4.15am yesterday.
Lim had been admitted to the hospital since Saturday following complaints of stomach discomfort.
“We didn’t expect her to go so soon. All of us thought she was going to live for at least another 10 years.
“She did complain about body aches and feeling weak but she didn’t have any major ailment,” Chin said.
Born on July 5, 1891, the grand old dame of Taiping had three children, 25 grandchildren, 49 great-grandchildren and four great-great grandchildren.
She got married only in her 40s and was the breadwinner of her family, working as a babysitter and janitor.
In July 2003, she was endorsed as the nation’s oldest woman by the Malaysia Book of Records after her story was highlighted in The Star.
When asked then about her secret to longevity and staying healthy, Lim said: “Don’t worry. Be happy.”
Lim will be buried at the Prestawest Memorial Park here on Tuesday.

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