The Pompidou Centre (Beaubourg)

The Pompidou Centre (also called Beaubourg by the locals) was open on the 31st January 1977 by President Valery G. d'Estaing. It was built by two architects Renzo Piano, Italian and Richard Rogers, British. Like all museums in France it's closed on Tuesdays.NEXT PHOTO
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By night (It's closed at 21h50 every night except Tuesdays when it's closed the whole day).

Make sure you don't queue up at the wrong place! There are two different entrances for the Pompidou Centre depending on whether you wish to visit the huge and modern library (spread over three floors) which is free and worth visiting or the National Museum of Modern Art. Most tourists head straight for the main entrance which is the entrance for the National Museum of Modern Art as well as the different expositions but doesn't allow you to enter the library. If it's the library you want to visit go to the back of the building where you will find another queue. But I might as well warn you. The queue to go into the library can be extremely long between 11h00 and 14h00 on Saturdays and Sundays (expect to wait 40 minutes in the queue before you can go in). This is because it is home to hundreds of college and university students who find it an ideal place to study. The best time for tourists to visit it would be from 19h00 onwards when the students start leaving for home and there is hardly a queue.
And don't miss the Stravinsky fountain nearby!