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 Visiting Paris (1) - Top Attractions 

Pere Lachaise cemetery
The entrance to the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
The Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, in existence since 1804, is fast becoming one of the must-see places on the tourists' itinerary. Busloads of tourists get down at its main entrance every day. The cemetery's reputation is due to the number of world-famous celebrities buried there, among them Frederic Chopin, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Sarah Bernhardt, Gertrude Stein and Amedeo Modigliani. Others, like Maria Callas and Richard Wright, are not buried there but have their ashes kept in its columbarium. Of course most of the other well-known personalities buried there are French, among them Edith Piaf, Honore de Balzac, Yves Montand, Simone Signoret, Colette, Moliere, Jean de la Fontaine, Alfred de Musset, Marcel Proust, Gilbert Becaud, and the spiritualist Allan Kardec. Go here for pictures of their tombs in the Pere Lachaise cemetery.
This page presents many other aspects of Paris that you might like to discover as there is much, much more to Paris than just the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.
The Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Click on photo to enlarge.
Suspension bridge at Buttes Chaumont
A suspension bridge, recently renovated and reopened to the public, spans the lake.
Belvedere of Sybil
On the top of the rocky hillock is the belvedere of Sybil, named after the ancient Roman temple of Sybil in Italy.
Buttes Chaumont park
The lushness of the park at Buttes Chaumont makes jogging a pleasure, despite its rising and sloping trails.
If there is a park that is really worthy of its name it is the "Parc des Buttes Chaumont". Yet for some unknown reason not many guidebooks on Paris mention it. There is plenty of luxuriant foliage including a big number of exotic plants and shrubs and magnificent landscape all the way. So even if there is a heatwave in Paris this is the place to go. But this is not one place where you just go for an hour or so. It is huge - the footpaths and tarred roads total some 5 kms - but there are 3 restaurants spread over the park for those who spend a whole day or evening out there. To get the most out of your outing walk across the suspended bridge (it has been renovated and reopened to the public) high above the lake, then climb up to the clifftop where you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the park. This is a great place to bring the children to. Bus No. 60 will bring you there so will Line 5 of the subway (get down at Laumiere station).
Rue Mouffetard to see a typical French market and eat at a traditional French restaurant.
Typical French market at Rue Mouffetard
To visit a typical French open-air market* go to the one at Rue Mouffetard in the 5th district of Paris (but don't go on a Monday).
Cheese and wine in French market
There are numerous types of cheese and many different brands of wine to choose from in the market from the shops specializing in these items.
Charming square in Rue Mouffetard
End your visit with a beer or meal in the charming little square near 20 rue Mouffetard. You might be tempted by the ice-cream shop there too!

51 rue Montmorency, Paris The two oldest buildings in Paris:
This house (photo on left) at 51 rue Montmorency in the 3rd district of Paris which belonged to Nicolas Flamel, is reputed to be the oldest building in Paris. It was built in the year 1407, as a plaque outside the building testifies.
Another building put forward by many as the oldest construction in Paris is the one at 3 rue Volta about 500 meters away (photo on right) which however has no official record of when it was built.

*Another typical French market is conveniently situated at the exit of the Rennes metro station (Line 12). It is only open on Tuesday and Friday mornings.
3 rue Volta, Paris

Montmartre is home to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacré Coeur) and the artists' corner at la Place du Tertre.
The Sacre Coeur Basilica
Climb up the little hill for a closer look at the majestic basilica of the Sacred Heart (La basilique du Sacré Coeur) and fill your lungs with the pollution-free air.
Montmartre funicular train
If you are too tired to climb up the little hill then take the shortest funicular train ride in the world (it takes just one minute to reach the top!)
Artists' corner at Place du Tertre
Once there, don't miss the nearby artists' corner at Place du Tertre which is always animated. You can have your portrait done by one of the artists there.

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart at night (12 October 2017) Photo: pgohThe Sacré Coeur Basilica at night
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart during the daytime (12 October 2017) Photo: pgohThe Sacré Coeur Basilica during the daytime

Rue Montorgueil: another cool place to have lunch
Leafy arch at Rue Montorgueil in Paris
When you come out of the Sentier underground station (Line 3) take Exit 2 (Rue des Petits Carreaux) and you will see this leafy arch which is the entrance to Rue Montorgueil.
Pedestrian street at Rue Montorgueil in Paris
A general view of the pedestrian street at Rue Montorgueil. More and more tourists are discovering the joys of strolling along this quiet little street which is full of life, especially around noon.
Eating at an open-air restaurant at Rue Montorgueil in Paris
This is a cool place to have lunch on a sunny day. The street being prohibited to traffic you are even able to eat in the middle of the street in one of the numerous alfresco restaurants there.

Bateau mouche ride along the Seine River
A cruise along the Seine River in a bateau mouche (river boat) would make your Paris holiday unforgettable. There is also a dinner-cruise if you can afford it.
Fallafel restaurants in the Jewish quarter at Rue des Rosiers
One of the numerous restaurants selling fallafel, regarded as Israel's national food, in the Jewish quarter at Rue des Rosiers near the St-Paul subway station.
An African market in Chateau Rouge.
An African market selling manioc and tilapia fish in Chateau Rouge. A stroll here will make you feel that you are in Senegal or another African country.

Josephine Baker swimming pool
The Josephine Baker swimming pool "floats" on the Seine River.
Place des Vosges in Le Marais
La Place des Vosges in Le Marais is steeped in French history.
Bercy's undulating bridge
Bercy's undulating bridge gives an avant-garde look to the area.

I do not understand = Je ne comprends pas (Don't pronounce the s)
Excuse me = Pardon*
Do you speak English? = Vous parlez anglais?
Please = S'il vous plait
OK = D'accord (Don't pronounce the d at the end of a word)
How much? = Combien?
Too expensive = Trop cher (Don't pronounce the p at the end of a word)
Where is it? = Où? (pronounced oo)

*but if you are trying to get out of the subway and find a human barrier before you, better shout La porte, s'il vous plait! (= "I'm getting off", though literally it means "Door, please!")
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