June 9, 2004

Unrest in Malaysia?

At a time when the future of the Indian GP, particularly in Hyderabad, is in question, as a newly elected politician promises to focus on issues that matter, namely farming, rather than expensive follies such as a Grand Prix, it's worth noting comments recently made in Malaysia where a leading writer is questioning such projects.
"There are not enough judges, insufficient numbers of medical lecturers, not enough teachers and lecturers, thousands of vacancies for medical doctors, not enough university seats and not enough police personnel," writes Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid. "Compare this with what we have - until recently the highest building in the world and a world class Grand Prix F1 circuit."
"With everything being hyped as a nation's pride and talk of integrity in all areas, we fail in making priorities," he continues. "The basic needs of a healthy nation surely do not depend on the grandiose physical construction of buildings and structures. We are trapped in a child-like mind of being always astounded and amazed by grand projects, just like children mesmerised by their toys."
"With the clear shortage of human resources in many vital areas, we announce proudly that we have made it into the Guinness Book of Records!"
The fact is that although more and more countries are demanding to be allowed on to the Formula One 'bandwagon', clearly under the impression that prosperity will follow the F1 circus into town, the sad reality is that in most cases the only ones that really make money out of such ventures are not the ones that need it.

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