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  Visiting Rabat (in pictures)  

Though not as much tourist-oriented as Marrakesh, Casablanca, Agadir or Fes, Rabat the capital city has nevertheless enough attractions to deserve at least a day's visit. (Besides if you are at Casablanca you could easily take the hour-long train to Rabat from there leaving in the morning and returning at night.)

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The Hassan Tower in Rabat
The Hassan Tower. This is one of the must-see places in Rabat (the other two being the Oudaïa gate and the Necropolis in Chellah).
Entrance to souk near the Kasbah des Oudaïa in Rabat
On your way to the Oudaïa gate stop by at the souk. In the souk's labyrinth you'll find brass trays, silver lamps and argan oil, Morocco's pride.
Storks' nests on minaret of the Necropolis in Chellah, Rabat
Dozens of storks make their nests high up in the minaret of the grounds of the Necropolis in Chellah, which is just outside Rabat.

Entrance to the Hassan Tower and Mausoleum in Rabat
Soldiers on horseback guard the entrance to the Hassan Tower and Mausoleum.
The Mohammed V Mausoleum, Rabat
The Mohammed V Mausoleum is conspicuous with its green-topped roof.
The Oudaïa gate (Kasbah des Oudaïa) in Rabat
The Oudaïa gate (Kasbah des Oudaïa) is one of the few monumental sites in Rabat.

Beach at Rabat's Kasbah des Oudaïa
A commanding view of the beach from the top of Rabat's Kasbah des Oudaïa. In the background you can see children surfing in the waves
The Chellah Necropolis just outside Rabat city
The Chellah Necropolis just outside Rabat city is a vast complex of burial grounds and medieval ruins of a Roman town called Sala Colonia.
Historical sites in Chellah's Necropolis near Rabat city
Signboards indicate the location of the historical sites in Chellah's Necropolis.

In fact wherever you go in Morocco, the experience will be worth the while for Morocco is a great place to visit and the Moroccans are a hospitable people, no doubt about that. For instance, a Moroccan changed his direction in order to show me through the winding streets of the medina to where I can buy an umbrella. Another did not hesitate to take a map from the shelf of a kiosk to show me the street I was in. Having said that, you will always find taxi-drivers and others trying to get an extra dollar out of you. And don't allow yourself to wander into the deepest recesses of the medina or souk to find yourself in an empty alley, thus being an easy target for thieves and completely at the mercy of strangers, some of whom might be unsavoury characters extorting more than a dollar or two.
The cheaper hotels have no heating and while it might be hot in the daytime you could feel cold at night and might have to sleep with two layers of clothing on.
And try to brush up your French before you travel to Morocco. Being a former French colony, most of the Moroccans speak French rather than English.
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