Sunday April 18, 2004

Zam: P. Ramlee classic not banned


SUNGAI PETANI: P. Ramlee's classic hit Madu Tiga has not been banned by RTM although it has English words interspersed in the lyrics, said Deputy Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin.
But he said the station would uphold the ministry’s recent ruling to stop airing other Malay songs with lyrics containing English words.
However, Information Minister Datuk Paduka Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, when speaking at a function in Kota Baru, said he was not aware of the ruling and felt it could have been due to confusion.
“If at all we want to ban, it is not because of several English words used in the song ... (but) we do ban obscene words and so on,” he told reporters after a special meeting with officers of departments and agencies under the Information Ministry in Kelantan yesterday.
Zainuddin said P. Ramlee's songs were classified as classic hits and RTM would continue to air them.
Madu Tiga will still be aired. The English words “I said I love you” used in the song is a complete sentence. P. Ramlee's classic hits will be here to stay forever,” he said when commenting on The Star report yesterday which expressed concerns that the classic hit might also face the ban.
“We do not want to promote the usage of Bahasa Malaysia which has been polluted and RTM, as the official organ of the Government, will not air such songs,” he elaborated.
He cited a Malay song which had translated “standing ovation” as “ovasi berdiri” when the standard translation should be “tepukan berdiri”.
“It sounds absurd when English words are used in Malay songs. By allowing this, I do not know what will happen to the standard of Bahasa Malaysia in future,” he added.
Although such Malay songs were banned by RTM, they could still be aired over other private radio and TV stations, he said.
He was speaking to reporters after opening the fifth annual general meeting of Kuala Muda district civil servant pensioners' association here yesterday.
The Information Ministry's latest ruling disallows the airing of Malay songs with lyrics containing English words.
Anita Sarawak's Seksis and Diva, Ruffedge's Tipah Tertipu, Too Phat's Alhamdulillah and KRU's latest song Bade were among songs that had been “taken off the air”.
Local artistes had expressed their concern over the ban imposed by the ministry.
The issue cropped up after Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka chided the Information Ministry and Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission for allowing songs like Seksis and Diva to be aired over RTM.

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