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CNN's Culinary Journeys for foodies

What's cooking - Popular dishes around the world

Here are 13 popular global dishes. You should be able to find any other dishes that you are looking for from among the cooking sites listed below.
Looking for new ways to cook a chicken? Here are 20 other ways.

1. American beef stew

American beef stew
Recipe from several revisions.

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2. English fish and chips

English fish and chips
Something that is England...

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3. Chinese tau eu bak

Chinese soy sauce pork

4. French beef bourguignon

French beef bourguignon
Boeuf bourguignon may be made one day ahead...

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5. Indian chicken curry

Indian chicken curry
This spicy chicken curry is better than any restaurant recipe...

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6. Salmon with maple syrup

Salmon with maple syrup
My husband did not like salmon until he had this...

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7. Yangzhou
fried rice

Shrimp fried rice
Yangzhou fried rice with prawns, egg and char siu (roasted pork).

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8. Fried chicken (KFC-style)

Fried chicken (KFC-style)
How to make fried chicken (like KFC)

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9. Spanish mixed paella

Spanish mixed paella
An authentic seafood and chicken paella that...

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10. Spaghetti bolognaise

Spaghetti bolognaise
The all-time favourite dish and the most searched for recipe...

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11. Lamb Tagine (Morocco)

Lamb Tagine with couscous
Lamb tagine with couscous

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12. Ceviche (South America)

Ceviche (popular South American dish)
Ceviche (also spelt as cebiche, seviche or sebiche), typically eaten at lunch, is very popular in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Its main ingredient is raw fish "cooked" in citrus juice.


13. Moussaka (Greece/Turkey)


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