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  Newspapers all over the world  

Why go through one newspaper/magazine after another when you can go through 2 or 3 of them at one go? Each time you click on a link in the left frame you will be taken to two or three newspaper/magazine sites. If you want to read just one of the three newspapers displayed, this is what you do: Right click on your mouse, choose "This frame" then "Show only this frame" (or "Open frame in new window").

International news agencies opens up Reuters, Tass, UPI and China News Agency
World news will take you to CNN and BBC.
International magazines will take you to TIME magazine, Newsweek and Economist.
American newspapers will take you to the Washington Post, US Today and Wall Street Journal.
Note: The New York Times (click to read) was originally included. Unfortunately it would not stay in its allotted frame! Will be glad to put it back when it can remain in its allotted space and not monopolise the whole page  ;-)
British newspapers will take you to the Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian.
Spanish newspapers will take you to El Pais, El Mundo and La Vanguardia .
French newspapers will take you to Le Monde, Le Figaro, 20Minutes and Metro newspaper..
French magazines will take you to L'Express, Le Point and Le Nouvel Observateur.

How to maximize your reading:
1. To be able to read just one of the three newspapers on the entire screen at any one time, bring your cursor to the line separating each newspaper's frame until the or sign appears, then drag it to the top, bottom or left border of the screen to hide it. (Note that if you should do this, closing one of the newspapers will entail the closing of the other two and you will find yourself back in the previous page as all the three newspapers share the same window.)
2. If you have earlier on clicked on a newspaper link it will still be available for reading when you are disconnected but the only way to get back to the main newspaper portal is to click on the "Previous" button of your browser menu bar.