Saturday September 11, 2004

Malaysians say Scorpions will corrupt their kids

Associated Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Islamic fundamentalists urged the Malaysian government Wednesday to bar a concert by the German rock group Scorpions, claiming the band would corrupt Malaysian youths.
"Concerts like these are the catalysts for hedonism and vice in society," Salahuddin Haji Ayub, a youth leader of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, said in a protest note to the Religious Affairs Department. "Research has shown how the crumbling of self-worth, morals and dignity in young people begin from deviant programs like these."
There was no immediate response from the government of this moderate, predominantly Muslim Southeast Asian country and promoters said they planned to go ahead with the concert Sept. 13 at a 50,000-seat stadium.
The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party said that the concert comes a day after the Muslim holy day commemorating the Prophet Mohammed's ascension to heaven and therefore "insults Islam."
Selina Kok, a spokeswoman for concert organizer Star Planet, said the Islamic party was being unfair.
"These guys are rockers, no doubt, but they've been around for years and people know they are a healthy band," she said.
Kok said that the organizers would work with the department should any changes be proposed.
The fundamentalist party, which was obliterated as an opposition force in elections in March, has previously protested concerts by Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Linkin Park. None of the acts were banned.

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