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(August 18, 2015) This page is left as archive as it is no longer relevant today. In fact the only search engines that are of any real significance today are Google and Bing (ex-MSN). Search engine pioneers WebCrawler (started on April 20, 1994) and AltaVista (December 15, 1995) have since been "gobbled up" by Google (which only came into being on September 4, 1998) while Yahoo is now powered by Bing. In fact Yahoo, though launched in 1995, started out as a human-edited directory of websites like DMOZ and was then powered by Inktomi and Google for its search results (it was only in 2004 that Yahoo Search became independent). Altavista now redirects to Yahoo while WebCrawler dishes out results from Google and Yahoo. At the same time the once highly-respected DMOZ directory has practically disappeared from the scene.

SOME PEOPLE might not be aware of this. Although Google is undoubtedly the best search engine there is (in the sense that sites that appear at the top of their results list are there because they are really the most appropriate and no company can buy their way into the top results like they can do with many other lesser search engines) yet you can get other results by going to other search engines such as Yahoo, Webcrawler, Ixquick, Bing/MSN, etc. Since the Google searchbox is already everywhere I have put below a few of the other search engines that might turn up something that is not in Google. (As of 8 July 2013 Alta Vista has been shut down for good by Yahoo, its new owner and one-time rival.)
(Updated on 31 May 2014) As Google will be abiding by a "right to be forgotten" ruling from a European Union court, it is possible that, over time, other search engines that are not targeted, such as Bing and Yahoo, might turn up results that have been deleted from Google.

Alta Vista

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But despite its fame Yahoo and Bing are not so reliable for the top results, in the sense that big companies who are willing to pay are able to buy the top slots, which means that the top results are not always what you are looking for. Yet it might still be interesting to go to them when you have not found what you want with Google. A research has shown that the leading search engines are much more different than what people think, and typically have fewer than 3.5 of their top 10 results in common. By using only one search engine, you are likely to be missing out on some very relevant results.
But why go through one search engine after another when you can go through 4 different search engines at one go? This script will run the same search across four of the following six major search engines at the same time.