Saturday October 16, 2004

Malaysians lose virginity at average age of 19: Poll

KUALA LUMPUR - Nineteen years, three months and 18 days is the average age at which Malaysians lose their virginity nowadays, says the 2004 Durex Global Sex Survey.
It could be considered 'old' compared with the global average of 17.7 years.
But this figure - 19.3 years - is already lower compared with the average age of 20 in 2001.
The Icelanders are the youngest to start sexual intercourse, at 15.7 years, compared with other nationalities while the Vietnamese are the most patient (19.8 years).
Of the 8,202 Malaysians who responded to the online survey, those below 20 even claimed that the average age when they first started having sex was 17 years.
However, Malaysians are among the oldest to receive sex education, at the average age of 14.5 years, together with the Indians (15 years) and Vietnamese (15.4).
The Germans, at 11.3 years, are the youngest to be taught about the birds and the bees.
Three in 10 Malaysian respondents claimed that they have never had formal sex education.
While 69 per cent were concerned about HIV/Aids, more than a third (35 per cent) admitted to having had unprotected sex without knowing their partner's sexual history.
Most Malaysian respondents felt that parents and schools should be responsible for teaching sex education.
More than 350,000 people from 41 countries took part in what is reputed to be the world's largest survey of sexual attitudes and behaviour.
According to the poll, the French have the most sex (137 times a year) while the Japanese are the least sexually active (46 times a year).
In this respect, Malaysians are not doing too badly, at 86 times a year. The global average is 103 times.
The survey also found that a woman's breasts (30 per cent) are the biggest turn-on for men, followed by a toned body (15 per cent), her attitude and face (9 per cent each), a nice bottom (7 per cent) and beautiful legs (7 per cent).
Women are more charmed by a man's attitude (17 per cent), followed by his eyes (14 per cent), a toned body and chest (13 per cent each), a good sense of humour (10 per cent) and a nice smile (9 per cent). -- The Star/AsiaNews Network

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