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  Visiting Shanghai (Page 2)  

Taking time off to breathe in Shanghai.

The People's Park in the heart of Shanghai is a good place to go to escape the heat and pollution of the city.

And the People's Square next to it is an important underground station and the stop for the Shanghai Museum.

Oblivious to the heavy traffic outside, these locals are only concerned with the strategies of the game.

Some of the many sightseeing spots in Shanghai.

The Yuyuan Garden. The full Chinese experience can be had here - goldfish and rocks abound in ponds and plenty of curving rooftops in the pavilions.

The colourful bazaar leading to the Yuyuan Garden. Don't miss eating the xiaolongbao, a pork-soup dumpling, in one of the restaurants here.

A policeman guarding the former residence of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, father of modern China, who lived here with his wife from 1918 to 1925.

Glimpses of everyday life in Shanghai.

This scene is incongruous perhaps in modern-day Shanghai but it is still quite a common sight to see old and weather-beaten men transporting an unbelievable mountainload of discarded materials on rickety bicycles.

A roadside tailor (on the right) in Xujiahui Road has for shop a chair to sit on and a cardboard announcing his sewing services to passers-by. This picture was taken just after an office-worker handed him a pair of trousers to work on. Next page

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