Malaysia National Day Celebrated in Tehran

From Cultural Heritage News Agency, Iran of Thursday, September 1, 2005

On the occasion of Malaysia national day on August 31, a reception hosted by the ambassador of Malaysia and his wife was held at their residence in Tehran last night.
Tehran, 1 September 2005(CHN) -- Malaysian national day was celebrated last night at Malaysian ambassador’s residence in Tehran.
To the ceremony which was hosted by Datuk Seyed Munshi Afzarodin (Syed Munshe Afdzaruddin - GPJ) , the ambassador of Malaysia, and Datin Sharifah Ikhlas, his wife, several diplomatic officials of different Asian, European, and American countries, as well as numerous Iranian officials and authorities were invited.
Congratulating the national day of Malaysia on the sidelines of this reception, and appreciating the Malaysian ambassador’s efforts in promoting bilateral co-operations in tourism, Khosrow Golshan Iranpour, secretary general of Iran Hotels Association, noted the exchange of NGOs specialized in hotel management and hotel productivity between the two countries and asserted, “considering the favorable facilities and conditions, we hope that Iran can benefit from Malaysian invaluable experiences specially with regard to categories like promoting tourism products, training, and defining standard criteria in hotel management.”
Khosrowabadi, the general secretary of Iran-Malaysia Friendship Association, also pointed out the inauguration of a new branch office of the association in Dubai and explained that it was predicted the branch office would promote Iranian tourism in Malaysia more actively.
Alireza Shirmohammadi, manager of Jahangostar Travel Agency, who was in charge of Malaysian exhibition in Isfahan, IMEX2005, in April, described the prospect of political relations between the two countries as favorable and said, “Both countries are Muslim nations and there is no political, economical, and security hostility between Iran and Malaysia and thus, despite the change of government in Iran, there will be no obstacle against the improvement of tourism between the two countries.”
He also indicated that Iran’s exhibition will be held in Malaysia, October next year and added, “We are also negotiating to hold similar exclusive exhibitions for other countries, namely France and Britain, in Iran, however, due to the resumption of nuclear activities of Iran and the strong objection of these two European states, it seems very unlikely that we have an opportunity to hold the exhibitions in immediate future.”
Iqball Ahmad Khan, ambassador of Pakistan, and one of the guests of this reception, expressed his intentions to better the collaborations between Iran and Pakistan in cultural aspects and notified that a group of Pakistani qawwals (traditional mystical music ensemble of Pakistan) are going to perform on a special religious occasion in Vahdat music hall in Tehran on September 20, to commemorate the birthday anniversary of Imam Mahdi (a messianic symbol of a Shiite sect).
Alexander Sadovinkov, the new ambassador of Russian Federation to Iran (who speaks Persian fluently) said that he needs time to comment on different issues as he is new, but regarding the cultural similarities between the two countries, he asserted that Iran and Russia need to cooperate more specially in cultural aspects and exchange of scholars and intellectuals. He added, “The historical hostilities which once put the two countries at odds must not affect and deteriorate the current situation. These kinds of hostilities in the history of two neighboring countries are quite natural but we should remember them as they belong to the past.” He hoped that Iran and Russia, based on mutual understanding, will expand their relations to a far better extent.
An attaché of Vietnam embassy expressed their desire for expanding collaborations between Iran and Vietnam. She seemed displeased with insufficient news coverage of their national day celebration by Iranian media, which was held on August 21 at Vietnam embassy in Tehran.
She also indicated that with recent negotiations, Mahan Air (an Iranian Airline) is to establish new flights to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, via Bangkok. This way, Vietnam, a wonderful country with unique tourist attractions and great investment opportunities, will no more be out of reach for Iranian tourists and businessmen.
In this reception, Stephen Cletus Chiketa, ambassador of Zimbabwe, Jose Ramon Rodriguez, ambassador of Cuba, and Mrs. Kol, ambassador of Sierra Leone, expressed their agreement over furthering bilateral cooperations with Iran, especially in cultural aspects.
Malaysian national day on August 31 is the anniversary of Malaysian Federation gaining its independence from Britain in 1957.