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 Previous Talking Points (from pgoh13) 

(23 Jan. 2013) Beyonce DID lip-sync when singing US anthem at Obama's inauguration ceremony.
(22 Jan. 2013) "I've killed in Afghanistan. But dad wants me to act like a prince."
(21 Jan. 2013) Want to be among the next Nobel Prize winners? Drink more milk, eat more chocolate!
(20 Jan. 2013) Faecal transplant 94% effective for C diff (intestinal infection causing diarrhoea).
(19 Jan. 2013) Spontaneous whip-round to compensate 4 passengers so overweight plane could take off.
(18 Jan. 2013) Exposed! Man who spends 8 hours in the office every day but not to work.
(17 Jan. 2013) Top sportsman invented stories of a non-existent, leukemia-suffering "girlfriend".
(16 Jan. 2013) Armstrong's tell-all revelations at Oprah show might mean end of cycling in Olympics.
(15 Jan. 2013) Jodie Foster's speech at Golden Globe Awards ceremony has them all talking.
(14 Jan. 2013) French families take to the streets to protest President Hollande's gay marriage law.
(13 Jan. 2013) What it will cost to get Mark Zuckerberg to read your email: $100, no less.
(12 Jan. 2013) Art critic: 31-year-old Kate Middleton is painted to look "like a dowdy 45-year-old" lady.
(11 Jan. 2013) "Lincoln" stands tall at 2013 Oscar nominations but big names get the snub.
(10 Jan. 2013) Australian family with 3 non-swimming children jumps into sea to escape tornadoes of fire.
(09 Jan. 2013) "Bogus students" rhetoric is driving foreign students to US universities, UK government told.
(08 Jan. 2013) Can we please stop saying, "Happy New Year?"
(07 Jan. 2013) Why Nas is the greatest lyricist of them all - though Nas himself doesn't believe it.
(06 Jan. 2013) Sick of Hollande's government, Brigitte Bardot might follow Depardieu and become Russian.
(05 Jan. 2013) "Not to be published" photo of teenage Diana's private moment with young man for auction.
(04 Jan. 2013) Trouble's on the way for some naive teenager who uses Snapchat for sexting.
(03 Jan. 2013) Fiscal cliff avoided at the eleventh-hour but the F-bomb scandal remains.
(02 Jan. 2013) "Generous" sperm donor pursued by Kansas court for child support.
(01 Jan. 2013) Qatari billionaire and Janet Jackson preparing wedding of 2013, if not of the century.
December 2012 talking points

(31 Dec. 2012) Looking for New Year resolutions? Here's 10 golden rules on living the good life.
(30 Dec. 2012) YouTube acts on inflated video view figures schemed up by fraudsters.
(29 Dec. 2012) Court orders "stalking" parents to keep at least 500 feet away from daughter at all times.
(28 Dec. 2012) The day when sharks got out of their aquarium tank in a shopping mall in Shanghai.
(27 Dec. 2012) Now who's to blame? Zuckerberg's sister says it's "uncool" to make her photo in FB public.
(26 Dec. 2012) Forget about Hobbit the film. Have you tried eating Denny's Hobbit menu?
(25 Dec. 2012) Doctors get warning about flood of fake and unsafe Botox for removing wrinkles.
(24 Dec. 2012) What the heck has Obama done to merit Person of the Year award, Time magazine asked.
(23 Dec. 2012) Court rules it's ok for dentist to fire assistant for being "irresistibly attractive" and sexy.
(22 Dec. 2012) Despite all the hype, "mummy porn" book voted most unwanted Christmas gift this year.
(21 Dec. 2012) Websites (including this one) to go dark for Sandy Hook moment of silence.
(20 Dec. 2012) Internet to blame for associating Mayan apocalypse on 21 December 2012 with doomsday.
(19 Dec. 2012) Lessons in journalism from Newton shootings: misinformation galore in quest for scoop.
(18 Dec. 2012) One record that doesn't stand the test of time - that of the world's oldest person
(17 Dec. 2012) Depardieu prefers to surrender passport rather than be under Hollande's government.
(16 Dec. 2012) Journo who used Twitter to interview Sandy Hook tragedy victim's friend told to "eat a dick".
(15 Dec. 2012) Mother of son who hacked into military site hopeful as "Obama seems like a good person".
(14 Dec. 2012) Report says 1,100 pedestrians ended up in hospital because they were using mobile phone.
(13 Dec. 2012) What did the world search for in Google in 2012? Here's the list.
(12 Dec. 2012) Public eavesdropping or when "Walls have ears!" becomes "Buses have ears!"
(11 Dec. 2012) YOLO - the worst "word" of 2012 - and why we should stop using it in 2013
(10 Dec. 2012) Restaurant in the soup for identifying 3 women customers as "fat girls" on bill.
(09 Dec. 2012) Coffee from elephant dung (yes, you heard it right) is what the wealthy drink in Thailand.
(08 Dec. 2012) Gangnam Style's Psy "deeply sorry" as 2004 anti-American video and lyrics come to light.
(07 Dec. 2012) To photograph or not to photograph? When should photographers drop their cameras?
(06 Dec. 2012) How hospital was fooled by Australian asking to speak to "Kate, my granddaughter".
(05 Dec. 2012) What if gamification (game-based techniques) are applied to everyday life and to businesses?
(04 Dec. 2012) Homeless man goes barefoot again after getting new pair of boots - scared of being robbed.
(03 Dec. 2012) Exposed! Maternity hotel for pregnant Chinese women wanting to give birth on U.S. soil.
(02 Dec. 2012) Man claims to have hit the jackpot - dupes over 2 million FB users into "sharing" his photo.
(01 Dec. 2012) Facebook reinstates image of woman in bathtub - "nipples" are actually elbows!

November 2012 talking points

(30 Nov. 2012) What next? Viagra now used by NFL players to enhance on-the-field performance?
(29 Nov. 2012) Death awaits 8 "anti-Islam" film participants if they ever put their feet on Egyptian soil.
(28 Nov. 2012) Dictator Kim Jong-un the sexiest man alive for 2012? Here's one who takes it seriously!
(27 Nov. 2012) Chris Brown fans take to Twitter to issue death threats to woman critic.
(26 Nov. 2012) China to build the tallest building in the world in just 90 days.
(25 Nov. 2012) 810 million views - and growing - for YouTube's most-watched video of all time.
(24 Nov. 2012) Life goes on as usual for couple in house that stands right in the middle of a highway.
(23 Nov. 2012) Fiona Apple cancels South American tour to care for dying dog - here's her story.
(22 Nov. 2012) Now who has the last laugh? Woman's making-fun-of-cemetery-signboard "joke" backfires.
(21 Nov. 2012) Taxi driver returns $900,000 left in back seat of cab to vacationing couple.
(20 Nov. 2012) Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be with RiRi on the Rihanna Plane? Think again!
(19 Nov. 2012) Majority of Britons want to quit European Union, as anti-EU sentiment sweeps the country.
(18 Nov. 2012) End is in sight for Mr. Bean as being childlike in his fifties becomes "a little sad".
(17 Nov. 2012) Food reviewer rips NYC restaurant-owner to pieces with a series of 50 questions!
(16 Nov. 2012) Privacy? What privacy? Fame comes with a price (in case 007 and CR7 do not know).
(15 Nov. 2012) Enter Xi (pronounced Sea) Jinping, China's President-to-be for the next decade.
(14 Nov. 2012) Mistressville? Here's the dumbest possible article about the Petraeus scandal.
(13 Nov. 2012) Putting things in perspective: A First Class degree from Oxbridge - So what?
(12 Nov. 2012) Turn the other cheek? No way, as two retired Catholic priests fight tooth and nail (sorry ear).
(11 Nov. 2012) Not-aware BBC boss does "the honourable thing" by resigning after only 54 days in post.
(10 Nov. 2012) From the Vatican to Twitter-sphere.....Pope seeks cyber followers with personal account.
(09 Nov. 2012) Obama takes a tip from 11-year-old daughter.....and comes out a winner!
(08 Nov. 2012) Profession? Cuddler. Woman charges strangers $60 for cuddles.
(07 Nov. 2012) Obama's clear-cut victory leaves Mitt Romney with no speech!
(06 Nov. 2012) Shout, beat drums or blow a whistle if you see someone urinating in public, Indians told.
(05 Nov. 2012) Brazilian model finds wreckage area "romantic" - uses it as backdrop for photo shoot.
(04 Nov. 2012) Norway beats 141 countries in 2012's most properous country in the world rankings.
(03 Nov. 2012) After Sandy, a storm of a different kind brewing over on-off New York Marathon.
(02 Nov. 2012) Elephant is able to reproduce 5 Korean words - with help of his trunk.
(01 Nov. 2012) The sheer force of nature: Superstorm Sandy caused coffins to rise from their graves.

October 2012 talking points

(31 October 2012) Install memorial sign for hundreds of fish that died in road accident, city officials told.
(30 October 2012) Yoko Ono didn't break up the Beatles, Paul McCartney says.
(29 October 2012) Hong Kong: Surrounded by water but only 20% can swim?
(28 October 2012) Here's the article that got the New York Times blocked by China.
(27 October 2012) How much is a woman's virginity worth? £485,000 was the top bid at an auction.
(26 October 2012) Windows 8 is out: Where do I click, again? Here's a guide to Windows 8.
(25 October 2012) Guess who wins UK's most naturally beautiful woman title.
(24 October 2012) Awe and disbelief at funeral service as alleged dead man shows up "unannounced"!
(23 October 2012) Stella: This is my body, deal with it. My size is none of your f****** business!
(22 October 2012) Film banned in Singapore for satiric remarks against Indians (CNN video report).
(21 October 2012) Diabetes study ends early with a surprising result on diet and weight loss.
(20 October 2012) Obama gives the definition and symptoms of a disease called "Romnesia".
(19 October 2012) Why this man is SO happy...after getting dumped by girlfriend. Thank God!
(18 October 2012) Malala deserves to be considered for Nobel Peace Prize: Angelina Jolie
(17 October 2012) Michelle Obama & Ann Romney: Pink is the color of the second debate!
(16 October 2012) What your boss's smile really means, if you believe this study!
(15 October 2012) Smartphones are killing our boredom - but is that always a good thing?
(14 October 2012) Why Messi is idolized all over the world except in Rosario, his hometown.
(13 October 2012) Amanda's story of how one photo in Facebook turned her life into hell.
(12 October 2012) France's 1st lady takes two to court for saying she had an affair with ex-minister.
(11 October 2012) Indonesian students play with "football on fire" in 60-minute game.
(10 October 2012) Video of Australian PM tearing opponent to pieces on his sexism goes viral.
(09 October 2012) Meet the guy whose business is to see how YOU behave in lifts.
(08 October 2012) Man intends to turn island that he bought into a little "laboratory for sustainability".
(07 October 2012) Malaysian anti-corruption office to probe giant wedding revelry for 130,000 guests.
(06 October 2012) Schwarzenegger on "just about the stupidest thing that any human being can do."
(05 October 2012) Meet Hobo Nick - man who walked across USA with just a sleeping bag and a prayer.
(04 October 2012) Two great eaters called "pigs" and banned for life from all-you-can-eat restaurant.
(03 October 2012) Minister in trouble over "As time passes, a wife loses her charm" remark.
(02 October 2012) Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study finds
(01 October 2012) British English, American English - or simply English, the world language?

September 2012 talking points

(30 Sept. 2012) Page 1 of The Casual Vacancy, JK Rowling's first book for adults.
(29 Sept. 2012) 100-year-old Frenchman cycles100 km to a new record of 4 hours 17 minutes.
(28 Sept. 2012) Threats to internet freedom becoming more sophisticated, Freedom House says.
(27 Sept. 2012) Sikh woman mocked online for facial hair but earns praise and respect for dignified reply.
(26 Sept. 2012) That Madonna image strikes again: "Vote for the Black Muslim in the White House!"
(25 Sept. 2012) Forget about the Eiffel Tower - slum tourism's the word for many holidaymakers today.
(24 Sept. 2012) Hey, how about a picture of you and your family with everything you have in the world?
(23 Sept. 2012) After 14 years, Monica Lewinsky is going to tell all on Clinton - for $12 million, no less.
(22 Sept. 2012) Sitting for hours at a time is not good for you - and here's why
(21 Sept. 2012) Say what? Woman finds out accidentally that dead husband was her father.
(20 Sept. 2012) Adding fuel to fire...or is it just defending the freedom of the press?
(17 Sept. 2012) Man's best friend...Dog in Argentina refuses to leave master's grave for six years now.
(16 Sept. 2012) To see or not to see...the photos of Kate Middleton that caused a furore in the U.K.
(15 Sept. 2012) You've got blackmail! Victim told to pay 500 euros to have webcam show removed.
(14 Sept. 2012) This was the movie that sparked off anti-American protests in the Arab world.
(13 Sept. 2012) When toasting the Queen with water instead of wine is a cause of great speculation.
(12 Sept. 2012) You do not want to talk to me on the phone. How do I know?
(11 Sept. 2012) How one man deals with karaoke nuisance by noisy neighbours at his building.
(10 Sept. 2012) Wheelchair athlete David Weir wins the 800m, 1500m, 5000m AND the marathon!
(09 Sept. 2012) The 4th T that newsmen to China cannot report on...after Tiananmen, Taiwan and Tibet.
(08 Sept. 2012) Are professional footballers on a par with bankers?
(07 Sept. 2012) After woman with the biggest breasts, Britain's ITV presents man with the biggest p____.
(06 Sept. 2012) The mother who preferred to give away her three daughters for free rather than sell them.
(05 Sept. 2012) Those "tourists" who go to Bangkok not for business...nor for pleasure.
(04 Sept. 2012) Is it worth putting all that extra money to buy organic? Laying down the facts.
(03 Sept. 2012) Polgar, the woman chess player who only plays against men.
(02 Sept. 2012) Blind celebrity turned away from Paralympics opening ceremony due to guide dog.
(01 Sept. 2012) Eastwood, the empty chair, the invisible Obama and the speech everyone's talking about.

August 2012 talking points

(31 Aug. 2012) Active, healthy lifestyle can add six years to a pensioner's life expectancy, study shows.
(30 Aug. 2012) Whatever you do, don't say "Honey, whatever you want," says couples mediator.
(29 Aug. 2012) Super rich Singaporeans now park cars next to their living rooms in sky-high garages.
(28 Aug. 2012) Hotel replaces Bible with Fifty Shades of Grey, novel that outsells Harry Potter.
(27 Aug. 2012) Lessons in mental toughness...one can be a winner even when one fails.
(26 Aug. 2012) Father's age linked to risk of autism and schizophrenia in children: study
(25 Aug. 2012) The question now is...who are going to get Armstrong's seven Tour de France  titles?
(24 Aug. 2012) HEIR IT IS! says The Sun - despite warnings from the Royal Family's lawyers.
(23 Aug. 2012) Five texts (such as Will you marry me?) that cellphone users should never send.
(22 Aug. 2012) Prince Harry in the news for putting the crown jewels on display in Las Vegas.
(21 Aug. 2012) Korean rapper's "Gangnam Style" horseback riding dance is taking the world by storm.
(20 Aug. 2012) Eating walnuts may boost semen quality in young men, study shows.
(19 Aug. 2012) When the future seems uncertain, we turn to the past...and to Sherlock Holmes.
(18 Aug. 2012) Man dreams of staging a World Sky Race of lighter-than-air skyships over heritage sites.
(17 Aug. 2012) Broadcaster: "Britain is a nation of 62 million complete and utter b*****ds".
(16 Aug. 2012) Jodie Foster blogs on Kristen Stewart living under today's social media culture.
(15 Aug. 2012) The trials and tribulations of a Bollywood star becoming India's first Playboy model.
(14 Aug. 2012) F-bomb, sexting, earworm, bucket list among new words in dictionary overhaul
(13 Aug. 2012) The makings of an Olympics champion ...does it all boil down to genetics?
(12 Aug. 2012) Mitt Romney introduces his V.P. running mate as the next "president of the US"!
(11 Aug. 2012) That "not-impressed-with-silver-medal" look has them all photoshopping!
(10 Aug. 2012) If you have ever posted naked pictures of yourself in internet, READ THIS!
(09 Aug. 2012) Pussy Riot band members in court for asking the Virgin Mary to "put Putin away".
(08 Aug. 2012) Seven Cameroon athletes in London for 2012 Olympic Games go missing.
(07 Aug. 2012) Algerian expelled from London Olympics for not trying hard enough - then reinstated.
(06 Aug. 2012) Fastest man in the world baffled by the "weird, silly rules" at Olympic Park.
(05 Aug. 2012) Waitresses who wear red get 25 per cent more tips from male customers, study shows.
(04 Aug. 2012) Yes, even Ryan Lochte pees in the pool - during warmups only, not while racing!
(03 Aug. 2012) Watch out, Facebook is going to disable your pets and kids accounts!
(02 Aug. 2012) For failing to win a medal...Olympics diver gets abusive tweet concerning his dead father
(01 Aug. 2012) 8 women badminton players make a mockery of the Olympics as they played to lose

July 2012 talking points

(31 July 2012) Gatecrashing mystery woman in red "leads" Indian contingent at Olympics march past!
(30 July 2012) U.S. relay team in a daze as French swimmers return the favour after four years.
(29 July 2012) R. Pattinson "forced" to be together with cheating girlfriend K. Stewart at film premiere.
(28 July 2012) Men's friendships with women "driven by sexual attraction", study shows.
(27 July 2012) Six decades after her death, Evita's face appears on Argentina's new banknote.
(26 July 2012) Getting on plane was easier than doing homework, says passport-less, ticket-less boy, 11.
(25 July 2012) End to profanities? Real name needed to post comments on YouTube now.
(24 July 2012) The "independent" marathoner who will be representing no country in the London Olympics.
(23 July 2012) Chinese dictionary comes under fire for refusing to call a spade a spade...
(22 July 2012) Three-breasted actress shows up in flesh and blood at Comic-Con.
(21 July 2012) Chaos runs riot as "The Joker" appears during Batman screening - and starts massacre.
(20 July 2012) Toronto "cyborg" tourist says he was assaulted in Paris McDonald's.
(19 July 2012) Now you will see blurred out faces on YouTube videos.
(18 July 2012) Eight months pregnant woman is all set to compete in 2012 London Olympics event.
(17 July 2012) Top singer Beyonce gives her assessment of the U.S. First Lady.
(16 July 2012) UK government downplays Olympic security snafu.
(15 July 2012) Man's final wish of giving a 500 dollar tip goes viral - and gets fulfilled.
(14 July 2012) The shocking secret about Gandhi India allegedly paid millions to hide.
(13 July 2012) Yahoo hacked, over 450,000 usernames and passwords posted online.
(12 July 2012) The not-so-lonely "lonely" man who gave the world his phone number.
(11 July 2012) Kim's "mystery woman": The face that launched a thousand rumours.
(10 July 2012) Google to launch "Legalize Love" campaign in Singapore and Poland.
(09 July 2012) Malware Monday today 9 July, 2012. Click here to see if your PC is infected.
(08 July 2012) 11-year-old boy applies for job as coach of French football team. (Machine translation)
(07 July 2012) Restaurant owner dies hours after serving breakfast to Obama.
(06 July 2012) In the era of iPads and e-books, do smart devices make smart kids?
(05 July 2012) Lifeguard fired for helping drowning man outside his zone.
(04 July 2012) Nearly 30% of U.S. teenagers indulge in "sexting", researchers find.
(03 July 2012) Spanking may be linked to later mental disorders.
(02 July 2012) You have heard of the leap year, now you have just had a leap second.
(01 July 2012) All eyes on Super Mario, Italy's anti-hero in Euro 2012 final tonight.

June 2012 talking points

(30 June 2012) Myanmar is not Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi told.
(29 June 2012) At what age should women stop wearing bikinis at the poolside?
(28 June 2012) The man who spoke to the ball before taking his penalty kick.
(27 June 2012) Fatherless bride walks herself down the aisle with a song.
(26 June 2012) "Breastaurants" thrive in US despite recession.
(25 June 2012) Footballer asks journalist to "Go f*** yourself, go f*** your mother..."
(21 June 2012) How to know if you're in the right relationship.
(20 June 2012) Country robbed of goal at Euro 2012...time for Platini to move into 21st century.
(19 June 2012) As law-makers make a mockery of life, Tony sends a message to the world.
(18 June 2012) Mysterious death of two Canadian sisters holidaying in Thailand baffle police.
(17 June 2012) Show me what shoes you wear and I'll tell you what kind of a person you are.
(16 June 2012) Dutch "forest boy" takes German police for a ride.
(15 June 2012) Ex-boxing icon Mike Tyson turns singer and comedian for star basketeer LeBron James.
(14 June 2012) Nasri scores goal then gestures at French sports journalists to "shut the f*** up".
(13 June 2012) French President Hollande's girlfriend takes a swipe at his ex via Twitter.
(12 June 2012) The day PM David Cameron left his eight-year-old daughter behind in a pub.
(11 June 2012) Pressure over grades push students to take stimulants as a study aid.
(10 June 2012) Early action needed for people with "pre-diabetes", say researchers.
(09 June 2012) Politician (and ex-boxer) punches female MP live on Greek TV.
(08 June 2012) England to introduce law to put "forced marriage parents" in jail.
(07 June 2012) Greece warns of going broke by July as tax revenue dries up.
(06 June 2012) Did Magnotta try to mimic Sharon Stone's character in "Basic Instinct" movie?
(05 June 2012) It's official: Twitter kills the Queen's English.
(04 June 2012) The great-grandmother, her boob job and her toyboy.
(03 June 2012) Never underestimate what you can accomplish.
(02 June 2012) Emotional fraudsters - the cruellest of internet hoaxes.
(01 June 2012) Sick and tired of dotcom? How about dotgoogle, dotyoutube and dotlol?

May 2012 talking points

(31 May 2012) 6-year-old girl to take on teenagers in spelling bee contest for $30,000 prize.
(30 May 2012) After boxing lesson with Mike Tyson, Justin Bieber strikes paparazzo.
(29 May 2012) Best-ever marriage proposal? You have to see it to believe it!
(28 May 2012) Full list of award winners at 2012 Festival de Cannes.
(27 May 2012) Alternate woman juror flirts openly with defendant in court.
(26 May 2012) Why Eurovision Spanish contestant was told not to win.
(25 May 2012) Do you see 3 flies buzzing in a public toilet? Make a report!
(24 May 2012) Lingerie boutique worker fired for being "too hot" and "too busty".
(23 May 2012) Prisoners cannot be banned from voting, European judges rule.
(22 May 2012) Chris Brown slammed for lip-syncing at Billboard Music Awards.
(21 May 2012) How an American student becomes a "French Fries Brother" in China.
(20 May 2012) Will Smith slaps reporter who tries to kiss him in Moscow.
(19 May 2012) Valérie Trierweiler, France's First Girlfriend in the news.
(18 May 2012) Minority babies are now majority in the United States.
(17 May 2012) Schoolchildren asked to reveal secrets in test.
(16 May 2012) Nearly one in three Americans have sleepwalked, study finds.
(15 May 2012) Solar-powered "bionic eye" for the blind under study.
(14 May 2012) Yahoo chief resigns in the wake of row over "fake" degree in CV.
(13 May 2012) Do you suffer from the "social jet lag" syndrome?
(12 May 2012) Time magazine cover showing mom breastfeeding 3-year-old son creates a buzz.
(11 May 2012) Argentina Senate passes "dignified death" law.
(10 May 2012) Zuckerberg's hoodie a "mark of immaturity," analyst says.
(09 May 2012) Al Jazeera English forced to close Beijing bureau after correspondent expelled.
(08 May 2012) Korean Customs announces crackdown on powdered human flesh capsules.
(07 May 2012) Michael Jackson to promote Pepsi from beyond the grave.
(06 May 2012) Army captain in Afghanistan dies during Skype session with wife.
(05 May 2012) An IP address doesn't identify a person, says judge.
(04 May 2012) Activist wants to leave China on Hillary Clinton's plane.
(03 May 2012) Harvard and MIT team up to offer free online courses.
(02 May 2012) Norwegian world swimming champion, 26, dies suddenly after collapsing in bathroom.
(01 May 2012) Australian billionaire to build Titanic II to sail in 2016.

April 2012 talking points

(30 April 2012) Just how far a woman would go for a parking space...
(29 April 2012) Politician displays blind loyalty to Julia Gillard.
(28 April 2012) Analytical thinking reduces belief in God, says study.
(27 April 2012) Dad uses digital recorder to expose teachers bullying autistic son.
(26 April 2012) YouTube cover versions galore for Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know".
(25 April 2012) Woman fired after giving up kidney to save boss's life.
(24 April 2012) What do women really want? (No, it's not chocolate).
(23 April 2012) World's biggest McDonald's restaurant planned for London Olympics.
(22 April 2012) Coca-Cola blamed for 30-year-old mum's death.
(21 April 2012) "Hot Problems" dubbed worst song of the year.
(20 April 2012) Spain's King Juan Carlos under fire over elephant hunting trip.
(19 April 2012) Sarah Silverman's "burrito abortion" Tweet sparks controversy.
(18 April 2012) Norwegian gunman said he would massacre his 77 victims all over again.
(17 April 2012) The obituary of a lifetime goes viral.
(16 April 2012) Four-year-old joins Mensa with 159 IQ, just one point below Albert Einstein.
(15 April 2012) Obama's Dirty Dozen - 12 Secret Service agents sent home in disgrace.
(14 April 2012) ("I'm so beautiful") Samantha Brick: Women do not like attractive women
(13 April 2012) Titanic scene censored so viewers cannot reach out hands to touch Kate Winslet's boobs!
(12 April 2012) Woman strips naked at airport
(11 April 2012) Miss Universe to allow transgender women in pageants
(10 April 2012) Intimate conversations lead man to murder wife's Facebook friend
(09 April 2012) Chinese teen sells kidney so he could afford to pay for iPad
(08 April 2012) Pinterest third most popular social network after Facebook & Twitter
(07 April 2012) Waitress will keep her $12,000 tip
(06 April 2012) Greek pensioner preferred death to "rummaging for food in the rubbish".
(05 April 2012) 80-year-old woman lands plane after pilot-husband dies.
(04 April 2012) Korean immigrant on shooting rampage upset about being teased over his poor English.
(03 April 2012) Woman finds maggots in airline snack.
(02 April 2012) Half-marathon runner dies at the finishing line.
(01 April 2012) Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as sung by drunken driver in police car

March 2012 talking points

(31 March 2012) Autism diagnoses increase among children
(30 March 2012) Study finds that people are happiest at Age 33
(29 March 2012) Briton found dead in China "like a character in a Graham Greene novel"
(28 March 2012) Could eating chocolate make you thinner?
(27 March 2012) Is Jonathan Antoine the next Susan Boyle?
(26 March 2012) Queen Elizabeth drops in unannounced at Manchester wedding
(25 March 2012) Hoodie becomes topic of conversation in the US
(24 March 2012) Students say Principal announced ban on hugging
(23 March 2012) Broken toilets strand air passengers in Alaska
(22 March 2012) Why are French shooting victims flown to Israel for burial?
(21 March 2012) Job seekers asked for Facebook passwords
Facebook's reaction: You shouldn't be forced to share your password just to get a job.
(20 March 2012) Duchess Kate Middleton delivers first public speech
(19 March 2012) Footballer fighting for his life after collapsing during a game
(18 March 2012) Ian Thorpe fails to qualify for London 2012 at trials
(17 March 2012) Ultra-viral "Kony 2012" maker and "Invisible Children" co-founder Jason Russell detained
(16 March 2012) Coronation Street star Bill Roache: I've slept with 1,000 women
(15 March 2012) Dustin Hoffman's show cancelled after third horse dies during filming
(14 March 2012) Could decorating be the answer to the flagging sex lives of Brits?
(13 March 2012) Yahoo sues Facebook for patent infringement
(12 March 2012) Tony Nicklinson welcomes right-to-die ruling
(9 March 2012) Woman painting nails detained after flight
(8 March 2012) Who looks better nude and pregnant: Jessica Simpson or Demi Moore?
(7 March 2012) Chinese man locked in cage all day "for his own safety"
(6 March 2012) British athletes told not to shake hands at Olympics
(5 March 2012) "He's the one with the problem": Susan Boyle hits out at Ricky Gervais
(4 March 2012) "You want me to give you my hard-earned money so you can have sex?"
(3 March 2012) Teacher leaves job and family, moves in with student
(2 March 2012) Lesbian couple kicked out for a kiss
(1 March 2012) Google implements privacy policy despite EU warning

February 2012 talking points

(29 Feb. 2012) "Unfriending" on the rise in social media
(28 Feb. 2012) Ryan Seacrest vs. Sacha Baron Cohen
(27 Feb. 2012) Meryl Streep, Jean Dujardin, The Artist...Full list of Oscar winners and nominees
(26 Feb. 2012) Single? Free on 29 February to meet England's most desperate man?
Curious to know what transpired on that day?
(25 Feb. 2012) France bids Adieu to "Mademoiselle"
(24 Feb. 2012) Harry Potter author JK Rowling to publish first adult novel
(23 Feb. 2012) Is English or Mandarin the language of the future?
(22 Feb. 2012) Racist White teen girls go on a rant about Blacks
(21 Feb. 2012) Oscar voters aren't always who you might think
(20 Feb. 2012) China to stop giving orphans surnames like "State", "Party"
(19 Feb. 2012) Daredevil will tightrope walk over Niagara Falls
(18 Feb. 2012) Interracial marriages are at an all-time high in the US
(17 Feb. 2012) Adele to take a five-year break from music
Now Adele laughs off "five year break" plan
(16 Feb. 2012) Lin-Sanity takes New York by storm
(15 Feb. 2012) World's fattest man?
(14 Feb. 2012) Dubai's fountains choreographed to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"
(13 Feb. 2012) Adele and Foo Fighters make sweep of Grammy awards
(12 Feb. 2012) Dad shoots daughter's laptop over Facebook post
Follow-ups: One of the video responses..........Update by Tommy Jordan