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 Previous Talking Points

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(01 Jan. 2014) Chinese farmer amputated own leg because he could not afford $49,000 for hospital operation.

(02 Jan. 2014) Singapore comes out top of the list...from having the lowest crime rate to having the most unhappy people.

(03 Jan. 2014) After spending Christmas and New Year in ship trapped in thick ice 52 passengers are rescued by helicopter.

(04 Jan. 2014) Chinese doctor faces death penalty for stealing seven babies and selling them to child traffickers.

(05 Jan. 2014) The eccentric millionaire who thinks he can buy everything - even the New York Times - for the right price.

(06 Jan. 2014) Cats rule in this Parisian cafe where you have to book in advance for a brunch date with feline company.

(07 Jan. 2014) Australian man couldn't get out after squeezing himself into a top-loader washing machine "just for fun".

(08 Jan. 2014) Freezing cold weather in U.S. makes escaped convict in Kentucky prefer to go back to prison.

(09 Jan. 2014) Former Miss Venezuela’s murder following robbery bid on highway sparks call for government action.

(10 Jan. 2014) U.S. basketballer sings Happy Birthday song for his "buddy", North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

(11 Jan. 2014) Magazine shows French President Hollande hiding face behind scooter helmet when sneaking to tryst with actress.

(12 Jan. 2014) Indonesian men and Greek women at top of countries in the world with the highest smoking rates.

(13 Jan. 2014) Tourists warned to stay out of Bangkok as Thai protestors launch a "Bangkok shutdown" movement.

(14 Jan. 2014) The Fall of France - why France is no longer a superpower since the arrival of François Hollande to power.

(15 Jan. 2014) "I have a house, car and savings". Woman appears in billboard ads saying she is looking for husband.

(16 Jan. 2014) Malaysia's prime minister lampooned on social media for comment about price of kangkung (water spinach).

(17 Jan. 2014) French media "spineless, sycophantic" about Hollande's not-so-private secret affair with actress.

(18 Jan. 2014) U.S. woman chucks out a 20-year relationship with loving boyfriend to be with world's fattest man from UK.

(19 Jan. 2014) Student who punched teacher said he's not sorry over sacking of latter for putting him in a headlock.

(20 Jan. 2014) (Video) Influx of Syrian refugees into Swedish towns following government's "open-door" policy.

(21 Jan. 2014) Bookies stop taking bets on Queen's abdication by year's end following a £200 bet from the Windsor area.

(22 Jan. 2014) To stem reserves loss Argentines now have to pay 50% tax when buying online from Amazon or eBay.