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 Talking Points (April 2013)

Click here for one whole year's talking points from February 2012.

(01 April 2013) New York Times changes obituary of woman scientist following sexist and gender profiling criticisms.

(02 April 2013)  Treating criminals on their own terms. Man faces paralysis in eye-for-an-eye sentence in Saudi Arabia.

(03 April 2013) Airline starts pay-as-you-weigh scheme that takes your weight and that of your baggage into account.

(04 April 2013) Hollande's "clean" government hit by scandal as ex-Budget Minister faces tax fraud charges.

(05 April 2013)  Time for a change in Malaysia? Opposition gearing up for fight against corruption and discrimination.

(06 April 2013) North Korea asks embassies to move diplomats out as it could not guarantee their safety after 10 April.

(07 April 2013) How the "core irrationalities" of four countries he has lived in makes a man of the world out of Adam Gopnik.

(08 April 2013) Letting knives on planes would be insane yet US authority is allowing passengers to carry pocket knives.

(09 April 2013) The unending misfortunes of a President named Hollande...his camel left behind in Mali ends up on table.

(10 April 2013) While many grieve, ex-miners plan to celebrate Thatcher's death with party on day of funeral.

(11 April 2013) Louvre Museum workers staged walkout to ask protection against gangs of pickpockets from Central Europe.

(12 April 2013) Is auctioning of native American masks a sacrilege? Court allows auction of 70 such masks.

(13 April 2013) After Gangnam Style, Psy's new song is about "a mother father gentleman". Watch the new video clip here.

(14 April 2013) You have made your will...now tell Google what to do with your Gmail account after you die.

(15 April 2013) Messi or Ronaldo? For David Beckham there's no doubt about who's the better footballer: it's Messi.

(16 April 2013) "America's been bombed again!" Scenes of horror and panic during explosions near finish line of Boston Marathon.

(17 April 2013) France’s Socialist Government exposes its 8 millionaire Ministers in first-ever "assets declaration" operation.

(18 April 2013) USS Freedom arrives in Singapore as part of US plans to increase its military presence in South East Asia.

(19 April 2013) Japanese Jiroemon Kimura, world's oldest living person, celebrates 116th birthday - in bed.

(20 April 2013) Trying to make sense out of the lives of the two bombing suspects of the Boston Marathon tragedy.

(21 April 2013) Window-shopping gives way to "showrooming". Why pay more when you can buy it for less online?

(22 April 2013) Spanish consul in Boston sacked for sticking to office hours on day of Marathon bombing tragedy.

(23 April 2013) Cinnamon challenge? You don't know what you're in for! "It's not cool," says girl who tried it.

(24 April 2013) How marathon winner Tsegaye Kebede causes TV news anchor to lose job on his very first day of work.

(25 April 2013) You have heard of the X Factor. Now they're talking about women with the XX Factor and their lonely lives.

(26 April 2013) Impartiality of French magistrates questioned after discovery of "Wall of Jerks" featuring right-wing politicians.

(27 April 2013) Political party in Sweden wants men to squat to pee as it's more "healthy" for the prostate.

(28 April 2013)   Male or female singer? "The Voice" coaches in a spin over the "hidden" gender of two candidates.

(29 April 2013) Switzerland is the best place for a baby to be born in 2013, followed by OZ, Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Singapore.

(30 April 2013) Is France the best country in the world to open an optical shop? 275 euros profit for each pair sold!