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 Talking Points (August 2013) 

Click here for one whole year's talking points from February 2012.

(01 August 2013) Why are electroshocks still being used in psychiatric treatment although described as barbaric?

(02 August 2013) Thai musician shows the world how to "play" the drums in his make-believe world of music.

(03 August 2013) X Factor judge Simon Cowell's not the one asking the questions now as his pregnant lover's husband files for divorce.

(04 August 2013) From a plush apartment in Buckingham Palace to the slums of Kolkata. Royal footman from India sent home.

(05 August 2013) Morocco King gives in to the anger of his subjects and revokes pardon for a Spanish serial paedophile.

(06 August 2013) Texting while walking may have contributed to the increase in deaths due to "distracted walking".

(07 August 2013) Ten unarmed intruders dressed in black tried to claim possession of King of Malaysia's palace in 4am visit.

(08 August 2013) Obama cancels meeting with Putin in Moscow as Russian-US relations head for an impasse.

(09 August 2013) PayPal allows customers to "use their face" for payment by smartphone in Richmond, S.W. London.

(10 August 2013) Vietnamese man and son brought back to civilization after hiding in jungle for over 40 years.

(11 August 2013) Shop assistant in Switzerland refuses to show Oprah Winfrey a handbag as it's "too expensive".

(12 August 2013) Unsuspecting passengers taken for a ride (pun intended) by the Norwegian PM, turned taxi-driver for a day.

(13 August 2013) The other side of the story...shop assistant in Zurich calls Oprah Winfrey a liar in her turn.

(14 August 2013) Illegal "mountain villa" on top of high-rise building in Beijing makes residents feel queasy.

(15 August 2013) Newly-crowned Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli announces her immediate retirement after losing game.

(16 August 2013) Zoo tries to pass off dog as lion. The hoax was discovered when the animal starts to bark instead of roar.

(17 August 2013) Bloodbath continues in Egypt after prayers as Muslim Brotherhood goes to war against military takeover.

(18 August 2013) François Hollande beats Silvio Berlusconi as the world's worst politician in 2013 in Top Tens World list.

(19 August 2013) Spate of shootings and robberies in Malaysia force restaurant to hire its own armed guard.

(22 August 2013) "I will not let this ruin my life," says girl whose foot was severed when a taxi cab mounted a kerb.

(24 August 2013) Chicago woman settles payment with city council of parking fines totalling over $105,000 to "just" $4,500.

(25 August 2013) "Rape is not the end of life...I want to join duty as early as possible," says Mumbai gang-rape victim.

(26 August 2013) Bolivian man's claims to be the oldest person alive at 123 years old debunked by Gerontology R.G. director.

(27 August 2013) You have heard of drive-in restaurants. Now the first-ever sex drive-in opens for business in Zurich.

(28 August 2013) Study shows that electronic cigarettes do cause damage to the lungs, respiratory congress told.

(29 August 2013) With online learning could Moocs (massive open online courses) spell the end of lectures in faculties?

(30 August 2013) Former Disney child star Miley Cyrus's raunchy act hits the headlines and adds "twerk" to the Oxford Dictionary.

(31 August 2013) Indonesia's top court upholds death sentence for UK woman who smuggled $2.5m worth of cocaine into Bali.