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 December 2012 Talking Points (from pgoh13) 

These diversified "talking points" are meant to whet your appetite for more reading (and follow-up stories) on your own. It is possible that some of the links from external websites might have been taken off since.

(31 Dec. 2012) Looking for New Year resolutions? Here's 10 golden rules on living the good life.
(30 Dec. 2012) YouTube acts on inflated video view figures schemed up by fraudsters.
(29 Dec. 2012) Court orders "stalking" parents to keep at least 500 feet away from daughter at all times.
(28 Dec. 2012) The day when sharks got out of their aquarium tank in a shopping mall in Shanghai.
(27 Dec. 2012) Now who's to blame? Zuckerberg's sister says it's "uncool" to make her photo in FB public.
(26 Dec. 2012) Forget about Hobbit the film. Have you tried eating Denny's Hobbit menu?
(25 Dec. 2012) Doctors get warning about flood of fake and unsafe Botox for removing wrinkles.
(24 Dec. 2012) What the heck has Obama done to merit Person of the Year award, Time magazine asked.
(23 Dec. 2012) Court rules it's ok for dentist to fire assistant for being "irresistibly attractive" and sexy.
(22 Dec. 2012) Despite all the hype, "mummy porn" book voted most unwanted Christmas gift this year.
(21 Dec. 2012) Websites (including this one) to go dark for Sandy Hook moment of silence.
(20 Dec. 2012) Internet to blame for associating Mayan apocalypse on 21 December 2012 with doomsday.
(19 Dec. 2012) Lessons in journalism from Newton shootings: misinformation galore in quest for scoop.
(18 Dec. 2012) One record that doesn't stand the test of time - that of the world's oldest person
(17 Dec. 2012) Depardieu prefers to surrender passport rather than be under Hollande's government.
(16 Dec. 2012) Journo who used Twitter to interview Sandy Hook tragedy victim's friend told to "eat a dick".
(15 Dec. 2012) Mother of son who hacked into military site hopeful as "Obama seems like a good person".
(14 Dec. 2012) Report says 1,100 pedestrians ended up in hospital because they were using mobile phone.
(13 Dec. 2012) What did the world search for in Google in 2012? Here's the list.
(12 Dec. 2012) Public eavesdropping or when "Walls have ears!" becomes "Buses have ears!"
(11 Dec. 2012) YOLO - the worst "word" of 2012 - and why we should stop using it in 2013
(10 Dec. 2012) Restaurant in the soup for identifying 3 women customers as "fat girls" on bill.
(09 Dec. 2012) Coffee from elephant dung (yes, you heard it right) is what the wealthy drink in Thailand.
(08 Dec. 2012) Gangnam Style's Psy "deeply sorry" as 2004 anti-American video and lyrics come to light.
(07 Dec. 2012) To photograph or not to photograph? When should photographers drop their cameras?
(06 Dec. 2012) How hospital was fooled by Australian asking to speak to "Kate, my granddaughter".
(05 Dec. 2012) What if gamification (game-based techniques) are applied to everyday life and to businesses?
(04 Dec. 2012) Homeless man goes barefoot again after getting new pair of boots - scared of being robbed.
(03 Dec. 2012) Exposed! Maternity hotel for pregnant Chinese women wanting to give birth on U.S. soil.
(02 Dec. 2012) Man claims to have hit the jackpot - dupes over 2 million FB users into "sharing" his photo.
(01 Dec. 2012) Facebook reinstates image of woman in bathtub - "nipples" are actually elbows!