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(01 Dec. 2013) Protests in Bangkok centre around Thaksin, ousted former prime minister living in exile since 2006.

(02 Dec. 2013) High drama in Bronx train derailment as holiday travellers return home from Thanksgiving elebrations.

(03 Dec. 2013) Tensions mount in Kiev as Ukrainians protest massively for country to be part of the European Union.

(04 Dec. 2013) This could be the reason why men are better at spatial tasks while women are better at verbal tasks.

(05 Dec. 2013) Sea divers were looking for dead bodies from a sunken ship in the Atlantic when a hand grabbed one of them.

(06 Dec. 2013) South Africans mourn death of Madiba, known as Nelson Mandela to the rest of the world.

(07 Dec. 2013) Polio victim, 45, spends his lifetime in a Brazilian hospital, living in the imaginative world of video games.

(08 Dec. 2013) FBI now using malware and phishing techniques to track criminals who use internet to give them the slip.

(09 Dec. 2013) Unheard of in Singapore...rioting breaks out as 400 foreign workers in Little India go berserk after bus accident.

(10 Dec. 2013) "Peter Piper and his Peck of Pickled Peppers" is nothing compared with "Pad kid poured curd pulled cold".

(11 Dec. 2013) Iranians criticize Brazilian model Fernanda Lima for wearing revealing dress at 2014 FIFA World Cup draw.

(12 Dec. 2013) Girlfriend's "one more stop" after 5-hour shopping spree was the last straw for couldn't-take-it-anymore man.

(13 Dec. 2013) Danish Prime Minister says selfie with Obama and David Cameron shows that leaders are normal people.

(14 Dec. 2013) China's renminbi on way to becoming international currency? (Prof. Wing Thye Woo in Project Syndicate).

(15 Dec. 2013) Sign language interpreter at Mandela's memorial ceremony said he saw angels while he was on stage.

(16 Dec. 2013) French café charges extra for rudeness - or if you prefer, lets you pay less if you are polite.

(17 Dec. 2013) "Wrong train, right destination" line sums up The Lunchbox, a non-Bollywood film that's hitting the box office.

(18 Dec. 2013) Family intrigues exposed as uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is executed while wife remains unscathed.

(19 Dec. 2013) Indian female diplomat arrested and strip-searched in New York on visa fraud charges for housekeeper.

(20 Dec. 2013) Malaysian owner of Cardiff City described as a business guy who knows absolutely nothing about football.

(21 Dec. 2013) TV celebrity cook Nigella's former assistants acquitted of spending £685,000 on her credit card.

(22 Dec. 2013) Angry response to Justine Sacco's tweet: "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get Aids. Just kidding. I'm white!"

(23 Dec. 2013) M&S faces boycott over its decision to allow Muslim staff not to sell alcohol or pork products.

(24 Dec. 2013) Prison only made me stronger and more resilient, says amnestied Pussy Riot member Nadezhda.

(25 Dec.2013) Cryptolocker, a ransomware that makes the files on your computer inaccessible unless you pay a ransom.

(26 Dec. 2013) "I just wanted to do the right thing," says taxi-driver who returned $300,000 found in his cab.

(27 Dec. 2013) Jobless mother spends £1,690 she got from 8 loan companies on Christmas gifts for her two children.

(28 Dec. 2013) Italian poster for "12 Years A Slave" movie withdrawn after a blogger exposed its incongruity.

(29 Dec. 2013) Fast foods are bad for you and cheeseburger and fries are "unhealthy choices", McDonald's workers told.

(30 Dec. 2013) At age of 87, multimillionaire leaps to his death after giving away his entire fortune to charity.

(31 Dec. 2013) Is the "quenelle" gesture no more, no less an anti-establishment sign or is it anti-Semitic?