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Which part of the world

 February 2012 (Talking Points from pgoh13 dotcom )

These diversified "talking points" are meant to whet your appetite for more reading (and follow-up stories) on your own. It is possible that some of the links from external websites might have been taken off since.

(29 Feb. 2012) "Unfriending" on the rise in social media
(28 Feb. 2012) Ryan Seacrest vs. Sacha Baron Cohen
(27 Feb. 2012) Meryl Streep, Jean Dujardin, The Artist...Full list of Oscar winners and nominees
(26 Feb. 2012) Single? Free on 29 February to meet England's most desperate man?
Curious to know what transpired on that day? Go here.
(25 Feb. 2012) France bids Adieu to "Mademoiselle"
(24 Feb. 2012) Harry Potter author JK Rowling to publish first adult novel
(23 Feb. 2012) Is English or Mandarin the language of the future?
(22 Feb. 2012) Racist White teen girls go on a rant about Blacks
(21 Feb. 2012) Oscar voters aren't always who you might think
(20 Feb. 2012) China to stop giving orphans surnames like "State", "Party"
(19 Feb. 2012) Daredevil will tightrope walk over Niagara Falls
(18 Feb. 2012) Interracial marriages are at an all-time high in the US
(17 Feb. 2012) Adele to take a five-year break from music
Now Adele laughs off "five year break" plan
(16 Feb. 2012) Lin-Sanity takes New York by storm
(15 Feb. 2012) World's fattest man?
(14 Feb. 2012) Dubai's fountains choreographed to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"
(13 Feb. 2012) Adele and Foo Fighters make sweep of Grammy awards
(12 Feb. 2012) Dad shoots daughter's laptop over Facebook post
Follow-ups: One of the video responses..........Update by Tommy Jordan