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 Talking Points (February 2013)

(01 February 2013) Understanding why Queen Elizabeth is not stepping down like Netherland's Queen Beatrix.

(02 February 2013) David Beckham's transfer to PSG proves he is a celebrity, not a footballer.

(03 February 2013) Girl pop singer shaves head as contrition for spending night with boyfriend but is still "demoted".

(04 February 2013) Now who's lying? Did Gina Lollobrigida, 85, marry her Spanish toyboy by proxy?

(05 February 2013) Singapore-based betting cartel suspected of fixing top football matches in Europe.

(06 February 2013) The Burger Queen. 30-year-old owner of a burger chain is America's youngest female billionaire.

(07 February 2013) Super Bowl fans hated "kiss" ad between super model and geek but GoDaddy enjoyed record sales.

(08 February 2013) Money talks. Daughter makes deal with dad to deactivate Facebook account in exchange for $200.

(09 February 2013) Cold comfort...or what it's like travelling home by train for Chinese New Year in China.

(10 February 2013) More than 30 million people expected today in Allahabad for Maha Kumbh Mela bath ritual.

(11 February 2013) Here are the seven "unflattering" photos of Beyonce that her publicist doesn't want you to see!

(12 February 2013) The 85-year-old Pope to resign at end of the month "because of advanced age."

(13 February 2013) Attorney swamped by 500 applications after offering free Valentine's divorce.

(14 February 2013) EU steps in with plan to counter "passing off horse meat as beef" scandal in Findus lasagna packets.

(15 February 2013) Spent Valentine’s Day alone? At least you won't catch super gonorrhea...

(16 February 2013) Understanding the "selfie" - or the visual representation of our online identity in social networks.

(17 February 2013) Singaporeans stage rare demonstration to protest against immigration plans.

(18 February 2013) After Gangnam Style it's the Harlem Shake dance that's spreading on the internet faster than the flu.

(19 February 2013) What true love really means. Boy shaves head to support girlfriend in her ordeal.

(20 February 2013) Keep your trousers on, chaps, if you don't want to fall prey to webcam blackmailers.

(21 February 2013) France's "First Lady" slams her editor for publishing photos of her in his "bullshit magazine".

(22 February 2013) Hi Miss,
Are you over 27 and still single? Then you're considered to be a "leftover woman" in China!

(23 February 2013)
Giving jerks the silent treatment works (and is good for your health, too)

(24 February 2013)
Don't believe a 20-year-old can speak 11 languages fluently? Just watch this!

(25 February 2013)
The Loneliness Longevity Of The Long-Distance Runner or retiring at 101.

(26 February 2013) Michelle Obama's neckline at Oscar ceremony too revealing for Iranian media.

(27 February 2013)   7-year-old writes book to help playmate and gives a new meaning to "chocolate bar".