Talking Points (January 2013)

(31 January 2013) British "stiff upper lip" culture costing lives as patients delay seeing doctor with cancer symptoms.

(28 January 2013) When the patient knows best - or putting quality of life over quantity.

(29 January 2013) Billionaire offering $65m to any man for marrying lesbian daughter.

(30 January 2013) Barnes & Noble facing tough competition from online retailers.

(25 January 2013) Great news for smokers age 40 and below - Stop smoking and you'll get back nine or more years of your life...

(26 January 2013)  17-year-old ballboy wins 90,000 Twitter followers but becomes a laughing stock in internet.

(27 January 2013) Shops are allowed to add up to 4% on VISA card purchases in some U.S. states as from today!

(22 January 2013) Prince Harry: "I've killed in Afghanistan. But dad wants me to act like a prince."

(23 January 2013) Beyonce lip-synched when singing US anthem at inauguration ceremony.

(24 January 2013) And now it's France that's going to roll out the red carpet for dissatisfied UK businessmen.

(19 January 2013) Spontaneous whip-round to compensate 4 passengers so overweight plane could take off.

(20 January 2013) Faecal transplant 94% effective for C diff (intestinal infection causing diarrhoea).

(21 January 2013) Want to be among the next Nobel Prize winners? Drink more milk, eat more chocolate!

(16 January 2013) Armstrong's revelations at Oprah show might mean end of cycling in Olympics.

(17 January 2013) Sportsman invented stories of a non-existent "girlfriend".

(18 January 2013) Exposed! Man who spends 8 hours in the office every day but not to work.

(15 Jan. 2013) Jodie Foster's speech at Golden Globe Awards ceremony has them all talking.
(14 Jan. 2013) French families take to the streets to protest President Hollande's gay marriage law.
(13 Jan. 2013) What it will cost to get Mark Zuckerberg to read your email: $100, no less.
(12 Jan. 2013) Art critic: 31-year-old Kate Middleton is painted to look "like a dowdy 45-year-old" lady.
(11 Jan. 2013) "Lincoln" stands tall at 2013 Oscar nominations but big names get the snub.
(10 Jan. 2013) Australian family with 3 non-swimming children jumps into sea to escape tornadoes of fire.
(09 Jan. 2013) "Bogus students" rhetoric is driving foreign students to US universities, UK government told.
(08 Jan. 2013) Can we please stop saying, "Happy New Year?"
(07 Jan. 2013) Why Nas is the greatest lyricist of them all - though Nas himself doesn't believe it.
(06 Jan. 2013) Sick of Hollande's government, Brigitte Bardot might follow Depardieu and become Russian.
(05 Jan. 2013) "Not to be published" photo of teenage Diana's private moment with young man for auction.
(04 Jan. 2013) Trouble's on the way for some naive teenager who uses Snapchat for sexting.
(03 Jan. 2013) Fiscal cliff avoided at the eleventh-hour but the F-bomb scandal remains.
(02 Jan. 2013) "Generous" sperm donor pursued by Kansas court for child support.
(01 Jan. 2013) Qatari billionaire and Janet Jackson preparing wedding of 2013, if not of the century.