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 July 2012 (Talking Points from pgoh13 dotcom )

These diversified "talking points" are meant to whet your appetite for more reading (and follow-up stories) on your own. It is possible that some of the links from external websites might have been taken off since.

(31 July 2012) Gatecrashing mystery woman in red "leads" Indian contingent at Olympics march past!
(30 July 2012) U.S. relay team in a daze as French swimmers return the favour after four years.
(29 July 2012) R. Pattinson "forced" to be together with cheating girlfriend K. Stewart at film premiere.
(28 July 2012) Men's friendships with women "driven by sexual attraction", study shows.
(27 July 2012) Six decades after her death, Evita's face appears on Argentina's new banknote.
(26 July 2012) Getting on plane was easier than doing homework, says passport-less, ticket-less boy, 11.
(25 July 2012) End to profanities? Real name needed to post comments on YouTube now.
(24 July 2012) The "independent" marathoner who will be representing no country in the London Olympics.
(23 July 2012) Chinese dictionary comes under fire for refusing to call a spade a spade...
(22 July 2012) Three-breasted actress shows up in flesh and blood at Comic-Con.
(21 July 2012) Chaos runs riot as "The Joker" appears during Batman screening - and starts massacre.
(20 July 2012) Toronto "cyborg" tourist says he was assaulted in Paris McDonald's.
(19 July 2012) Now you will see blurred out faces on YouTube videos.
(18 July 2012) Eight months pregnant woman is all set to compete in 2012 London Olympics event.
(17 July 2012) Top singer Beyonce gives her assessment of the U.S. First Lady.
(16 July 2012) UK government downplays Olympic security snafu.
(15 July 2012) Man's final wish of giving a 500 dollar tip goes viral - and gets fulfilled.
(14 July 2012) The shocking secret about Gandhi India allegedly paid millions to hide.
(13 July 2012) Yahoo hacked, over 450,000 usernames and passwords posted online.
(12 July 2012) The not-so-lonely "lonely" man who gave the world his phone number.
(11 July 2012) Kim's "mystery woman": The face that launched a thousand rumours.
(10 July 2012) Google to launch "Legalize Love" campaign in Singapore and Poland.
(09 July 2012) Malware Monday today 9 July, 2012. Click here to see if your PC is infected.
(08 July 2012) 11-year-old boy applies for job as coach of French football team. (Machine translation)
(07 July 2012) Restaurant owner dies hours after serving breakfast to Obama.
(06 July 2012) In the era of iPads and e-books, do smart devices make smart kids?
(05 July 2012) Lifeguard fired for helping drowning man outside his zone.
(04 July 2012) Nearly 30% of U.S. teenagers indulge in "sexting", researchers find.
(03 July 2012) Spanking may be linked to later mental disorders.
(02 July 2012) You have heard of the leap year, now you have just had a leap second.
(01 July 2012) All eyes on Super Mario, Italy's anti-hero in Euro 2012 final tonight.