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 Talking Points (July 2013) from pgoh13 

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(01 July 2013) Croatia becomes the 28th member of the E.U. at a time when some states are thinking of quitting it.

(02 July 2013) What next for Egypt? Al Jazeera takes a look at possible outcomes after army's 48-hour ultimatum.

(03 July 2013) Free coffee? "Not even if the Prophet himself returns," joke spelt death for coffee stand boy in Syria.

(04 July 2013) What is Bitcoin, the digital currency that bypasses the banks? Learn all about how it works here.

(05 July 2013) China's new law compels adult children to visit aging parents "often" after cases of neglect and abandonment.

(06 July 2013) E-cigarettes replace tobacco cigarettes and give rise to a new group of smokers called vapers.

(07 July 2013) "I just crash-landed at SF". Crash survivor's first thoughts minutes after escape was to post a tweet.

(08 July 2013) Excitement in Britain over Andy Murray's Wimbledon win that ends 77 years of agonizing waiting.

(09 July 2013) What? Only 100 bucks? Bride asks her not-so-well-off friend for an explanation about her "small" wedding gift.

(10 July 2013) Mexico beats U.S. by 1% for title of "most obese" country among populous nations, according to a U.N. report.

(11 July 2013) A survey carried out in 107 countries finds that one out of every four people paid a bribe to civil servants.

(12 July 2013) Activists scale 72-storey Shard landmark in London to protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.

(13 July 2013) Adult diapers to outsell baby diapers by 2020 in Japan, a country with a very fast-aging population.

(14 July 2013) Ex-Governor of New York told on TV, "You’re a brilliant guy" and then asked "How can you be this stupid?"

(15 July 2013) What's in a name? Tons of money, as bookmakers take bets on forthcoming royal baby's name.

(16 July 2013) After winning EuroMillions jackpot of nearly £29m, ten colleagues turn their backs on their office.

(17 July 2013) The largest building in the world, the New Century Global Center, opens in Chengdu, China.

(18 July 2013) If PayPal credits $92 quadrillion into your account make sure you don't start spending the money!

(19 July 2013) Nazi goreng? Indonesian restaurant says not pro-Nazi, war memorabilia are just there for decoration.

(20 July 2013) Norwegian woman, 24, reported she was raped in Dubai but was put in prison instead.

(21 July 2013) Protests over acquittal of man who killed Trayvon (could have been me 35 years ago, says Obama).

(22 July 2013) Philippe I becomes new King of Belgium at swearing-in ceremony after abdication by father.

(23 July 2013) A future king is born. Kate and William show their bundle of joy to the world with humility and simplicity.

(24 July 2013) Pope in Brazil for Catholics' World Youth Day festivities but anti-government protesters cash in on his visit.

(25 July 2013) Spain declares 3 days of mourning after train derails round a bend at great speed and causes 78 deaths.

(26 July 2013) Tough guys with soft hearts. Ex-President Bush and security detail shave heads to cheer up 2-year-old boy.

(27 July 2013) Yemeni girl, 11, runs away from parents who want to force her to marry and pleads her case on YouTube.

(28 July 2013) Chef may be expelled from New Zealand because his obesity costs too much to the country.

(29 July 2013) Newly-weds hold wedding party at McDonald's. But why not? Love and true friends are what counts.

(30 July 2013) By paying coffee for himself and for the next 500 customers, man starts new philanthropic trend in Canada.

(31 July 2013) Please help our fight for justice, says Miss Malaysia finalist, after opposition by religious body.