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Which part of the world

 June 2012 (Talking Points from pgoh13 dotcom )

These diversified "talking points" are meant to whet your appetite for more reading (and follow-up stories) on your own. It is possible that some of the links from external websites might have been taken off since.

(30 June 2012) Myanmar is not Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi told.
(29 June 2012) At what age should women stop wearing bikinis at the poolside?
(28 June 2012) The man who spoke to the ball before taking his penalty kick.
(27 June 2012) Fatherless bride walks herself down the aisle with a song.
(26 June 2012) "Breastaurants" thrive in US despite recession.
(25 June 2012) Footballer asks journalist to "Go f*** yourself, go f*** your mother..."
(21 June 2012) How to know if you're in the right relationship.
(20 June 2012) Country robbed of goal at Euro 2012...time for Platini to move into 21st century.
(19 June 2012) As law-makers make a mockery of life, Tony sends a message to the world.
(18 June 2012) Mysterious death of two Canadian sisters holidaying in Thailand baffle police.
(17 June 2012) Show me what shoes you wear and I'll tell you what kind of a person you are.
(16 June 2012) Dutch "forest boy" takes German police for a ride.
(15 June 2012) Ex-boxing icon Mike Tyson turns singer and comedian for star basketeer LeBron James.
(14 June 2012) Nasri scores goal then gestures at French sports journalists to "shut the f*** up".
(13 June 2012) French President Hollande's girlfriend takes a swipe at his ex via Twitter.
(12 June 2012) The day PM David Cameron left his eight-year-old daughter behind in a pub.
(11 June 2012) Pressure over grades push students to take stimulants as a study aid.
(10 June 2012) Early action needed for people with "pre-diabetes", say researchers.
(09 June 2012) Politician (and ex-boxer) punches female MP live on Greek TV.
(08 June 2012) England to introduce law to put "forced marriage parents" in jail.
(07 June 2012) Greece warns of going broke by July as tax revenue dries up.
(06 June 2012) Did Magnotta try to mimic Sharon Stone's character in "Basic Instinct" movie?
(05 June 2012) It's official: Twitter kills the Queen's English.
(04 June 2012) The great-grandmother, her boob job and her toyboy.
(03 June 2012) Never underestimate what you can accomplish.
(02 June 2012) Emotional fraudsters - the cruellest of internet hoaxes.
(01 June 2012) Sick and tired of dotcom? How about dotgoogle, dotyoutube and dotlol?