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 Talking Points (June 2013) from pgoh13

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(01 June 2013) In defence of the Muslim community. Blame this on madness...not Muslims, says Russell Brand.

(02 June 2013) PM Erdogan remains defiant while anti-government protests over "Islamisation" of Turkey rage.

(03 June 2013) Happiness Index: Only 1 out of 3 Americans are very happy, according to a Harris poll findings.

(04 June 2013) That "Little Red Dot" now has specks of pink as gay culture gains momentum in Singapore.

(05 June 2013) Guess what a thief stole from this woman's car! No wonder she had a hard time reporting it to the police.

(06 June 2013) U.S. Embassy warns Americans visiting the Pyramids of harassment by over-aggressive vendors.

(07 June 2013) 13-year-old girl qualifies to join Mensa and astounds everyone with an IQ of 162.

(08 June 2013) After outrage on social media, Chinese city may abandon plan to fine single mothers.

(09 June 2013) Not allowed to wear shorts to work, male train drivers in Sweden put on skirts to comply with dress code.

(10 June 2013) NSA leaker is holed up in H.K. expecting the worst but comes out openly to explain his motives.

(11 June 2013) If this is your husband...female train passenger uses FB to expose man bragging about his infidelities.

(12 June 2013) Australian court gives Norrie the right to be neither a man nor a woman. Neuter status is "non-specific".

(13 June 2013) Germans the "least compassionate in the European Union"? Not at all, as far as tipping is concerned.

(14 June 2013) Carey Mulligan turns down lead role in Rodham, a biopic about Hillary Clinton's early years as a young lawyer.

(15 June 2013) India looks set to overtake China as the world's most populous country from 2028, says U.N.

(16 June 2013) An open letter to girls of the world, especially those in the Middle East, from Queen Rania of Jordan.

(17 June 2013) The new face of protest. Guy Fawkes' mask has become the face of the modern protester all over the world.

(18 June 2013) The Vietnamese Connection. An overwhelming number in UK "missing teenagers list" are of Vietnamese origin.

(19 June 2013) The quiet defiance of Erdem Gunduz ("the Standing Man") introduces a new form of protest in Turkey.

(20 June 2013) Neymar may be the new football idol but Brazilian protesters claim that "A teacher is worth more than Neymar".

(21 June 2013) Spanish restaurant allows the jobless to have a free meal in exchange for an hour's work.

(22 June 2013) Briton lands "best job in the world" in Australia. Will be paid £61,000 for eating and drinking in posh establishments.

(23 June 2013) Be prepared for a prolonged period of haze, Singaporeans told, as businesses and tourism take a slump.

(24 June 2013) There is no finer place to be in than France but what has happened to the French joie de vivre?

(25 June 2013) Can you really trust Facebook? Six million FB users had their email and telephone numbers exposed.

(26 June 2013) The E.U.'s Surinder Singh route enables a Briton to keep his American wife with him in Britain.

(27 June 2013) American exec held captive by Chinese workers speaks to reporter from barred window of his office.

(28 June 2013) Britain may become the first country in the world to permit babies to be born with three genetic parents.

(29 June 2013) Japan's TV station "in toraburu" for causing "mental distress" by using too many English words.

(30 June 2013) Can we make ourselves happier? Yes, says researcher, because happiness does change over time.