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 March 2012 (Talking Points from pgoh13 dotcom )

These diversified "talking points" are meant to whet your appetite for more reading (and follow-up stories) on your own. It is possible that some of the links from external websites might have been taken off since.

(31 March 2012) Autism diagnoses increase among children
(30 March 2012) Study finds that people are happiest at Age 33
(29 March 2012) Briton found dead in China "like a character in a Graham Greene novel"
(28 March 2012) Could eating chocolate make you thinner?
(27 March 2012) Is Jonathan Antoine the next Susan Boyle?
(26 March 2012) Queen Elizabeth drops in unannounced at Manchester wedding
(25 March 2012) Hoodie becomes topic of conversation in the US
(24 March 2012) Students say Principal announced ban on hugging
(23 March 2012) Broken toilets strand air passengers in Alaska
(22 March 2012) Why are French shooting victims flown to Israel for burial?
(21 March 2012) Job seekers asked for Facebook passwords
Facebook's reaction: You shouldn't be forced to share your password just to get a job.
(20 March 2012) Duchess Kate Middleton delivers first public speech
(19 March 2012) Footballer fighting for his life after collapsing during a game
(18 March 2012) Ian Thorpe fails to qualify for London 2012 at trials
(17 March 2012) Ultra-viral "Kony 2012" maker and "Invisible Children" co-founder Jason Russell detained
(16 March 2012) Coronation Street star Bill Roache: I've slept with 1,000 women
(15 March 2012) Dustin Hoffman's show cancelled after third horse dies during filming
(14 March 2012) Could decorating be the answer to the flagging sex lives of Brits?
(13 March 2012) Yahoo sues Facebook for patent infringement
(12 March 2012) Tony Nicklinson welcomes right-to-die ruling
(9 March 2012) Woman painting nails detained after flight
(8 March 2012) Who looks better nude and pregnant: Jessica Simpson or Demi Moore?
(7 March 2012) Chinese man locked in cage all day "for his own safety"
(6 March 2012) British athletes told not to shake hands at Olympics
(5 March 2012) "He's the one with the problem": Susan Boyle hits out at Ricky Gervais
(4 March 2012) "You want me to give you my hard-earned money so you can have sex?"
(3 March 2012) Teacher leaves job and family, moves in with student
(2 March 2012) Lesbian couple kicked out for a kiss
(1 March 2012) Google implements privacy policy despite EU warning