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 Talking Points (March 2013) 

Click here for detailed list of talking points from February 2012.

(02 March 2013) Despite winning Oscar award, why has Anne Hathaway become the most hated star in Hollywood?

(03 March 2013) No one's keeping calm over these "Keep Calm" T-shirts that send out the wrong message.

(04 March 2013) F.B.I. to help investigate mystery surrounding Americanís death in Singapore, reports say.

(05 March 2013) What next? Korean kids pay $250 to out-stuff each other with French fries at potato party.

(06 March 2013) I'm much more wealthy than you think! Saudi prince is mad with Forbes for not including him in Top 10.

(07 March 2013) I will speak until I can no longer speak...and that means 13 hours for Sen. Rand Paul in his filibustering speech.

(08 March 2013) Making a mockery of marriage: Chinese couples divorce, sell house to avoid paying tax, then remarry.

(09 March 2013) Justin Bieber hits the headlines during London tour - but not for his singing (Warning: Video opens instantly.)

(10 March 2013) Heavy on drugs, 14-year-old girl woke up naked in bed with two men but cannot remember what happened.

(11 March 2013)  When a letter is what your friend who is in hospital for short-term memory loss really needs.

(12 March 2013) Woman prefers to live with her rats rather than continue living with her husband of 11 years.

(13 March 2013) Iran cries scandal over photo of President Ahmadinejad embracing Hugo Chavez's mother at funeral.

(14 March 2013) And the new Pope is...Argentina's Cardinal Bergoglio, the first non-European pope in over 1,000 yrs.

(15 March 2013) Men don't have it all either, so what's all that talk about whether women can have it all?

(16 March 2013) Italian envoy to India not allowed to leave country for not sending back two marines wanted for murder.

(17 March 2013)  Cypriot government to seize up to 10% of all savings as levy in return for EU bailout.

(18 March 2013) Greek footballer banned for life from playing for country because he celebrated goal with a Nazi-style salute.

(19 March 2013) Gang-raped Swiss woman tourist to blame for not informing police about travel plan: Indian Minister.

(20 March 2013) Is there life after work? Putting work in its right place - by someone who has lived through it.

(21 March 2013) Reaching for the stars...teenager uses YouTube to ask Kate Upton to his high school prom.
Julia Gillard
(22 March 2013) Better late than never...Australia apologizes for its practice of taking babies by force from unwed mothers.

(23 March 2013) Tunisian woman threatened with "death by stoning" for posting topless photos of herself in Facebook.

(24 March 2013) Would you call your new-born child "North West"? That's what Kanye West and Kardashian intend to do.

(25 March 2013)   Take care of unemployment, leave marriages alone, French protestors tell President Hollande.

(26 March 2013) Son follows mum's plea to clean bathroom "like the Queen of England is visiting" with class and humour!

(27 March 2013) Enter Peng Liyuan, China's new First Lady who's charming them all with her elegance and glamour.

(28 March 2013) Is google a trademark or a generic word? That is the question as Swedes fight Google over a word.

(29 March 2013) Pope breaks away from tradition by washing and kissing feet of 2 female prisoners at pre-Easter ritual.

(30 March 2013) Married as a man, gave birth to 3 kids but not allowed to divorce wife. You find it confusing? You bet it is!

(31 March 2013) Seeing red everywhere? It's the new logo (or its memes) for the Gay Rights Campaign for marriage equality.