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 Talking Points (May 2013) from pgoh13

Click here for one whole year's talking points from February 2012.

(01 May 2013) The Dutch welcome their new King and his Argentine-born consort after abdication of Queen Beatrix.

(02 May 2013) Are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims because they feel that they also have to be tough like others?

(03 May 2013) Call it fringe benefits if you like...Obama brings the house down with Michelle's bangs.

(04 May 2013) Is Facebook following MySpace? Exodus of 9m visitors in US and 2m in UK for other social networks.

(05 May 2013) "You better not arrest me...Do you know my name sir" rant by Oscar-winning actress gets her a $213 fine.

(06 May 2013) Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib wins elections but might lose his job to deputy come November.

(07 May 2013) "Call 911, my name is Amanda Berry."  Three US women reported missing ten years ago found alive.

(08 May 2013) Scandinavian countries come out tops in the "best places in the world to be a mother" index.

(09 May 2013) After four months of trial that gripped America, jury finds Jodi Arias guilty of slaying her boyfriend to death.

(10 May 2013) Charles Ramsey shows not only humanity but also humour and colourful language in talking about his heroic role.

(11 May 2013) 18-year-old student, sent out of class by teacher, lectures her on what teaching is all about.

(12 May 2013) Sean Lopes, one of America's most wanted fugitives who jumped bail in 2004 arrested in UK.

(13 May 2013) See how one of Britain's most wanted fugitives was arrested as he was relaxing by a swimming pool in Spain.

(14 May 2013) Singapore tipped to eclipse Switzerland as the world's tax haven by 2020 due to tighter regulations in Europe.

(15 May 2013) In photos and video...the day hundreds of hooligans turned top tourist spots in Paris into a battlefield.

(16 May 2013) Your husband cheated on you? Woman told secret is to make home enticing so he won't want to stray.

(17 May 2013) Many eaters, few chefs may bring about downfall of Singapore's food courts, warns Minister.

(18 May 2013) $1m worth of jewelry stolen from hotel on day The Bling Ring was shown during Cannes Film Festival.

(19 May 2013) Watch Denmark's Emmelie de Forest sing the song Only Tears that won her this year's Eurovision contest.

(20 May 2013) New Chinese Premier seeks trust and co-operation with India on first leg of maiden diplomatic trip.

(21 May 2013) Fact or fiction? Video exposes vote-buying tactics for Azerbaijan's Eurovision candidate.

(22 May 2013) Historian commits suicide at Notre-Dame de Paris in protest against new French law legalizing same-sex marriage.

(23 May 2013) Serving British soldier butchered to death in broad daylight by two men, citing Allah.

(24 May 2013) Woman driver knocks cyclist off his bike then tweets: I have right of way - he doesn't even pay road tax!

(25 May 2013) Sweden loses reputation as an oasis of peace after one week of rioting in Stockholm and suburbs.

(26 May 2013) Turkish subway users react to "Behave yourself" announcement with a "free kissing" demonstration.

(27 May 2013) French families converge in Paris en masse to protest Hollande's gay marriage law that divides the country.

(28 May 2013) Australia comes out tops in "Better Life Index" as the happiest industrialised nation in the world.

(29 May 2013) Each man to his trade. Why Will Smith should stick to acting and leave penalty kicks to footballers.

(30 May 2013) Now EC tells France to put its house in order by revamping pensions and reining in spending.

(31 May 2013) China buying up the world? Smithfield Foods, world's biggest pork producer, now owned by Chinese firm.