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 November 2012 Talking Points (from pgoh13) 

These diversified "talking points" are meant to whet your appetite for more reading (and follow-up stories) on your own. It is possible that some of the links from external websites might have been taken off since.

(30 Nov. 2012) What next? Viagra now used by NFL players to enhance on-the-field performance?
(29 Nov. 2012) Death awaits 8 "anti-Islam" film participants if they ever put their feet on Egyptian soil.
(28 Nov. 2012) Dictator Kim Jong-un the sexiest man alive for 2012? Here's one who takes it seriously!
(27 Nov. 2012) Chris Brown fans take to Twitter to issue death threats to woman critic.
(26 Nov. 2012) China to build the tallest building in the world in just 90 days.
(25 Nov. 2012) 810 million views - and still rising - for YouTube's most-watched video of all time.
(24 Nov. 2012) Life goes on as usual for couple in house that stands right in the middle of a highway.
(23 Nov. 2012) Fiona Apple cancels South American tour to care for dying dog - here's her story.
(22 Nov. 2012) Now who has the last laugh? Woman's making-fun-of-cemetery-signboard "joke" backfires.
(21 Nov. 2012) Taxi driver returns $900,000 left in back seat of cab to vacationing couple.
(20 Nov. 2012) Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be with RiRi on the Rihanna Plane? Think again!
(19 Nov. 2012) Majority of Britons want to quit European Union, as anti-EU sentiment sweeps the country.
(18 Nov. 2012) End is in sight for Mr. Bean as being childlike in his fifties becomes "a little sad".
(17 Nov. 2012) Food reviewer rips NYC restaurant-owner to pieces with a series of 50 questions!
(16 Nov. 2012) Privacy? What privacy? Fame comes with a price (in case 007 and CR7 do not know).
(15 Nov. 2012) Enter Xi (pronounced Sea) Jinping, China's President-to-be for the next decade.
(14 Nov. 2012) Mistressville? Here's the dumbest possible article about the Petraeus scandal.
(13 Nov. 2012) Putting things in perspective: A First Class degree from Oxbridge - So what?
(12 Nov. 2012) Turn the other cheek? No way, as two retired Catholic priests fight tooth and nail (sorry ear).
(11 Nov. 2012) Not-aware BBC boss does "the honourable thing" by resigning after only 54 days in post.
(10 Nov. 2012) From the Vatican to Twitter-sphere.....Pope seeks cyber followers with personal account.
(09 Nov. 2012) Obama takes a tip from 11-year-old daughter.....and comes out a winner!
(08 Nov. 2012) Profession? Cuddler. Woman charges strangers $60 for cuddles.
(07 Nov. 2012) Obama's clear-cut victory leaves Mitt Romney with no speech!
(06 Nov. 2012) Shout, beat drums or blow a whistle if you see someone urinating in public, Indians told.
(05 Nov. 2012) Brazilian model finds wreckage area "romantic" - uses it as backdrop for photo shoot.
(04 Nov. 2012) Norway beats 141 countries in 2012's most properous country in the world rankings.
(03 Nov. 2012) After Sandy, a storm of a different kind brewing over on-off New York Marathon.
(02 Nov. 2012) Elephant is able to reproduce 5 Korean words - with help of his trunk.
(01 Nov. 2012) The sheer force of nature: Superstorm Sandy caused coffins to rise from their graves.