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 Talking Points (November 2013)

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(01 Nov. 2013) If you want to prevent back pain don't sit straight, sit leaning back instead, says medical director.

(02 Nov. 2013) Billboard publicity depicting U.S. soldier embracing Muslim woman in a burka sparks controversy.

(03 Nov. 2013) Saudi employer beats his manservant brutally and relentlessly for daring to speak to his wife.

(04 Nov. 2013) India to build world’s tallest statue in Gujarat to honour Sardar Patel, one of its founding fathers.

(05 Nov. 2013) Germany is first country in Europe to allow "Gender:  " on birth certificate of babies to be left blank.

(06 Nov. 2013) Police can now track 1,000 paedophiles all over the world who fell into computer-generated Sweetie's trap.

(07 Nov. 2013) Results of "ignorance survey" show that humans know less about world population than chimpanzees.

(08 Nov. 2013) Super typhoon Haiyan, known locally as Yolanda, lashes the Philippines and forces schools and offices to close.

(09 Nov. 2013) Ahead of winter Olympics, Moscow offers metro ticket for every 30 squats in front of a machine in the subway.

(10 Nov. 2013) Woman mourner at a Brazilian cemetery petrified to death to see the earth moving at a nearby grave.

(11 Nov. 2013) France may follow Sweden's example to eradicate prostitution by punishing the customers.

(12 Nov. 2013) The rush is now on among Typhoon Haiyan survivors to find ways to reach their relatives or be contacted.

(13 Nov. 2013) A weak man wanting to appear strong. Is this why Hollande is so disliked and is facing a red bonnet revolution?

(14 Nov. 2013) India's top police officer faces public outcry after using "If you can't prevent rape, you enjoy it" analogy.

(15 Nov. 2013) Mayor Rob Ford refuses to resign despite scandals over obscenities, drinking and drug problems.

(16 Nov. 2013) Spanish pianist sued by neighbour for noise pollution and for causing her psychological harm.

(17 Nov. 2013) Tourists evacuated after devastating floods, landslides hit UNESCO World Heritage sites in Vietnam.

(18 Nov. 2013) Murder of a Nigerian in Goa leads to charges of racism and unfair treatment against Africans living in India.

(19 Nov. 2013) Lioness killed in zoo after a male lion grabbed its throat in front of unsuspecting visitors watching them "playing".

(20 Nov. 2013) 100,000 people flock to the Sikhs' Golden Temple in Amritsar daily for a free meal at world's largest free kitchen.

(21 Nov. 2013) Overweight TV personality accused of not being a good role model to young girls stands up to her accuser.

(22 Nov. 2013) "You didn't kill a lion, you stood behind a machine and pulled a little trigger," vain Melissa Bachman told.

(23 Nov. 2013) Brainwashed into slavery...Malaysian woman, 69 among 3 women rescued from 30-year forced labour in London.

(24 Nov. 2013) Top French restaurants in Nice and Paris now have scorpions, worms and grasshoppers on their menus.

(25 Nov. 2013) Why media mogul Rupert Murdoch will have nothing more to do with old-time friend and ex-PM Tony Blair.

(26 Nov. 2013) The "knockout game": Teenage gangs sucker punch total strangers who happen to walk their way.

(27 Nov. 2013) Elderly couple, both 86, die hand in hand in luxury Paris hotel to make a point about euthanasia.

(28 Nov. 2013)  The Bay Psalm Book, printed in 1640, is sold for US$14.2 million at Sotheby's auction in New York.

(29 Nov. 2013) Not only the U.S. but also Britain, Russia, China and North Korea eavesdrop on Merkel's mobile phone.

(30 Nov. 2013) Being only half an hour late is a "mark of the deepest respect" from Russian president Putin, Koreans told.