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 October 2012 Talking Points (from pgoh13) 

These diversified "talking points" are meant to whet your appetite for more reading (and follow-up stories) on your own. It is possible that some of the links from external websites might have been taken off since.

(31 October 2012) Install memorial sign for hundreds of fish that died in road accident, city officials told.
(30 October 2012) Yoko Ono didn't break up the Beatles, Paul McCartney says.
(29 October 2012) Hong Kong: Surrounded by water but only 20% can swim?
(28 October 2012) Here's the article that got the New York Times blocked by China.
(27 October 2012) How much is a woman's virginity worth? £485,000 was the top bid at an auction.
(26 October 2012) Windows 8 is out: Where do I click, again? Here's a guide to Windows 8.
(25 October 2012) Guess who wins UK's most naturally beautiful woman title.
(24 October 2012) Awe and disbelief at funeral service as alleged dead man shows up "unannounced"!
(23 October 2012) Stella: This is my body, deal with it. My size is none of your f****** business!
(22 October 2012) Film banned in Singapore for satiric remarks against Indians (CNN video report).
(21 October 2012) Diabetes study ends early with a surprising result on diet and weight loss.
(20 October 2012) Obama gives the definition and symptoms of a disease called "Romnesia".
(19 October 2012) Why this man is SO happy...after getting dumped by girlfriend. Thank God!
(18 October 2012) Malala deserves to be considered for Nobel Peace Prize: Angelina Jolie
(17 October 2012) Michelle Obama & Ann Romney: Pink is the color of the second debate!
(16 October 2012) What your boss's smile really means, if you believe this study!
(15 October 2012) Smartphones are killing our boredom - but is that always a good thing?
(14 October 2012) Why Messi is idolized all over the world except in Rosario, his hometown.
(13 October 2012) Amanda's story of how one photo in Facebook turned her life into hell.
(12 October 2012) France's 1st lady takes two to court for saying she had an affair with ex-minister.
(11 October 2012) Indonesian students play with "football on fire" in 60-minute game.
(10 October 2012) Video of Australian PM tearing opponent to pieces on his sexism goes viral.
(09 October 2012) Meet the guy whose business is to see how YOU behave in lifts.
(08 October 2012) Man intends to turn island that he bought into a little "laboratory for sustainability".
(07 October 2012) Malaysian anti-corruption office to probe giant wedding revelry for 130,000 guests.
(06 October 2012) Schwarzenegger on "just about the stupidest thing that any human being can do."
(05 October 2012) Meet Hobo Nick - man who walked across USA with just a sleeping bag and a prayer.
(04 October 2012) Two great eaters called "pigs" and banned for life from all-you-can-eat restaurant.
(03 October 2012) Minister in trouble over "As time passes, a wife loses her charm" remark.
(02 October 2012) Couples who share the housework are more likely to divorce, study finds
(01 October 2012) British English, American English - or simply English, the world language?