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 Talking Points (October 2013)

Click here for one whole year's talking points from February 2012.

(01 Oct. 2013) Here come the bride and groom - zipping their way across a wire over a hill to their waiting guests.

(02 Oct. 2013) What the U.S. shutdown really means to Americans (and tourists). Here's a guide for non-Americans.

(03 Oct. 2013) Woman gives notice of quitting her job by filming herself dancing in office at 4.30 in the morning.

(04 Oct. 2013) Over 300 African migrants feared dead as boat catches fire and sinks near Italian island of Lampedusa.

(05 October 2013) Gang of 15 robbers smash their way into a luxury watch shop in Paris city centre near lunch time.

(06 Oct. 2013) Internet becomes battleground for celebrity feud following "motherly" advice of Sinead O'Connor to Miley Cyrus.

(07 Oct. 2013) The busiest people on earth find time to chill, unwind, play, take a nap, unplug and reboot.

(08 Oct. 2013) "What's it like to be the most hated man in America?" Republican senator behind U.S. shutdown asked.

(09 Oct. 2013) Argentina President Cristina Fernandez's brain surgery went well but recovery a "long process".

(10 Oct. 2013) Young footballer Adnan, 18, sparks debate that foreign players should not represent the national team.

(11 October 2013) Libya's prime minister kidnapped then released after six hours by former rebel militiamen.

(12 Oct. 2013) Nobel Peace Prize goes to watchdog body charged with eliminating Syrian army's stockpiles of poison gas.

(13 Oct. 2013) Japan, Finland come out tops in survey of adult skills in literacy, maths and problem-solving in 23 countries.

(14 Oct. 2013) Muslims in Malaysia win battle to forbid a Catholic paper from using the word Allah for God.

(15 Oct. 2013) Your review together with your name and photo might be used in Googles' endorsed ads.

(16 Oct. 2013) Tourists to Paris, you can skip the Champs-Elysees - because the Parisians themselves don't go there!

(17 Oct. 2013) Paraguayan, 103, finally has religious marriage with woman, 99 after 80 years together and eight children.

(18 Oct. 2013) Football coach taken to task for dressing room analogy about a spaceman having to feed his monkey.

(19 Oct. 2013) Illegal migrants in UK get SMS warning: Our records show that you may not have leave to remain in the UK.

(20 Oct. 2013) Deported student Leonarda rejects Hollande's condition to leave family behind if she wants to return to France.

(21 Oct. 2013) Government-knows-best era in Singapore a thing of the past? Dissenting voices now grow louder.

(22 Oct. 2013) Czech artist finds a novel way to protest: his "statue" aims a giant middle finger at Prague Palace.

(23 Oct. 2013) Rihanna asked to leave Abu Dhabi mosque after photo shoot despite wearing a hooded black jumpsuit.

(24 Oct. 2013) The arrest of three teenagers for kissing and posting a photo on Facebook sparks furore in Morocco.

(25 Oct. 2013) French football clubs react to Hollande's 75 per cent supertax by calling for a "football strike".

(26 Oct. 2013) Hunt over for parents of 4-year-old, dubbed as the "Blonde Angel", who was found in a gypsy camp in Greece.

(27 Oct. 2013) The best country in the world to be a woman is.....Iceland while the Philippines tops all Asian countries.

(28 Oct. 2013) 60 Saudi Arabian women get behind the wheel on day of protest against the country's ban on woman drivers.

(29 Oct. 2013) Spying on close allies like Angela Merkel fits Obama's standoffish profile, says Der Spiegel article.

(30 Oct. 2013) Beijing hotels probed about "suspicious guests" after jeep ploughed into crowd at Tiananmen Square.

(31 Oct. 2013) The Qatarians do not want Zidane. Ex-footballer's 5-metre statue removed after outcry from public in Doha.