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 Talking Points (Sept. 2013) from pgoh13

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(01 September 2013) Interracial couples are increasingly common, but many aren't marrying. What could be the reasons?

(02 September 2013) Punishing Syria...UK says no, US hesitates but Hollande wants to strike despite people's objection.

(03 Sept 2013) "You're never too old to chase your dreams," says Diana Nyad, 64, after 53-hour swim from Cuba to Florida.

(04 Sept 2013) There is no such thing as a "surgical strike" so is attacking Syria more a question of saving face than lives?

(05 Sept 2013) Artist who paints President Vladimir Putin in woman's underwear flees Russia for Paris to avoid arrest.

(06 September 2013) Rapid lifestyle changes in China cause country to have the highest number of diabetics in the world.

(07 September 2013) Oh Sweet Lorraine, 96-year-old's lyrics for dead wife are put to music by recording company for free.

(08 September 2013) Tokyo wins 2020 Olympics. Istanbul’s political climate and Madrid's economic woes bring about downfall.

(09 September 2013) People who look younger live longer, according to study of 1,826 twins in Denmark aged 70 or older.

(10 Sept. 2013) British woman wakes up with a bizarre Chinese accent - after being treated for a severe migraine.

(11 Sept. 2013) Newly-wed pushes her husband off a cliff during an argument just a week after they got married.

(12 Sept. 2013) Catalans form a human chain of 400kms along Catalonian coast to press for independence from Spain.

(13 Sept. 2013) Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest of them all (in the animal kingdom, that is)? It's the blobfish!

(14 Sept. 2013) Student uses Twitter to insult teacher who hits back by humiliating student in front of class in YouTube clip.

(15 Sept. 2013) My name's Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele. What's yours? US woman living in Hawaii has her way with long name.

(16 Sept. 2013) Nina Davuluri becomes the first American of Indian descent to be both Miss New York and Miss America.

(17 Sept. 2013) Middle class family gives up comfort to experience life in a shack with no electricity or running water.

(18 Sept. 2013) Canadian woman arrested in Colombia for hiding cocaine in her fake baby bump made of latex.

(19 Sept. 2013) Unhappy parents of adopted children use the internet to find them new homes through private re-homing.

(20 Sept. 2013) Homeless man returns backpack with $4,000 in it. Now he gets $100,000+ from online fundraising campaign.

(21 Sept. 2013) Mystery surrounds death of 5-month-old baby found on airport baggage conveyor belt in Alicante, Spain.

(22 Sept. 2013) "They threw grenades like maize to chickens," says witness of shooting in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

(23 Sept. 2013) Late pianist Liberace honoured as his biopic wins 2 Emmy awards and Elton John dedicates song to him.

(24 Sept. 2013) You're not an adult at 18, says child psychologist. Does true maturity only come at the age of 25?

(25 Sept. 2013) Crackdown on fake reviews in internet forums as self-promotion and rival-bashing practices are exposed.

(26 Sept. 2013) The truth catches up on mother who, knowing that daughter, 5 is dead, tells police she is missing.

(27 Sept. 2013) Interpol hunt on for the "white widow", a British woman Muslim convert, for her links with Somali Islamist group.

(28 Sept. 2013) Air passengers went through flight without being aware that their pilot was having a heart attack in the cockpit.

(29 Sept. 2013) Miss Philippines beat 126 other contestants in Bali to become Miss World 2013 amid protests by Muslim hardliners.

(30 Sept. 2013) If you don't win an Oscar, Cate, I'll eat my hat, says film critic on Cate Blanchett's role in Blue Jasmine.