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  Cheap Thai restaurant in Paris  

La Maison Thai restaurant in Paris 18th district
La Maison Thai restaurant in Paris
Are you craving for Thai food in Paris? Well there are not many of them around (unlike the Chinese restaurants with at least one in every Parisian street) and the few Thai restaurants that exist in Paris charge exorbant prices.
I know of one humble Thai restaurant in the Marx Dormoy area. It is in fact so small that it can hardly seat 10 people (though on a sunny day you can try your luck with the two small tables in the courtyard at the back of the restaurant). About half of their customers though do not eat there but "take away", some to eat in their offices, others for a picnic when the sun is out.
If you want to avoid the queue better be there when it opens at noon for there is normally a queue outside during lunch time as it is the favourite eating place for many workers in the neighbourhood.
This is because you can find genuine Thai dishes here despite its unbelievably low prices.
They don't have the famous tom-yam soup (being an economy-type of restaurant) but their fish soup with thin white noodles is really heavenly.
If you eat there you can have rice with two different dishes from the dozen or more appetizing dishes displayed for 4.50 euros. Really, you cannot get anything better for 4.50 euros in Paris.
They don't have the same dishes every day but typical Thai fare such as green curry chicken with brinjals and pork or chicken with potatoes in spicy red curry are usually available. Apart from the curry dishes, I also find their ground pork with chili seeds and basilic leaves a real treat. They also sell the famous hor mok (steamed fish filet cooked with coconut milk and red curry paste in banana leaf) at 4 euros. This is a real delight.
As is typical of Thai dishes coconut milk is widely used in many of the curry dishes offered here. The shop is run by a brother and sister team and although business is so good that they can easily expand the restaurant they prefer to keep it small. "More manageable as it is," said the brother, who makes a point of returning to Thailand at least once a year. "If it gets bigger we'll not be able to cope up with the business."

La Maison Thai
4, rue de l'Evangile,
75018 Paris
Opens Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon till when it sells out at about 7 or so in the evening. (Closed on Monday and Sunday). But watch out, it normally closes for one whole month twice a year!
Subway: Marx Dormoy