Locating a song with Google. You hear a song that catches your attention and you'd like to know the title of the song as well as the name of the singer so you can buy or download it. It's very easy to do this in internet. To relate a personal experience: Upon waking up one morning I turned on the TV and happened to hear a very bouncy tune that I've never heard of before. It was nearing its end and being half-awake and hard of hearing to boot I only heard the words I saw.... followed by A woman in a..... I wanted to find out the song title or the name of the singer in order to be able to download it. So I went to the Google search box and typed the following:
lyrics  "i saw"  "a woman in a"
The word "lyrics" tells the search engine that you are looking for a song. It is important to put i saw and a woman in a within inverted commas because this will force the search engine to give you those words exactly in the same order (otherwise they would be of no use to you). This then is the result of my findings (the song will auto-play.)

The Songs That We Sing*
(sung by Charlotte Gainsbourg)

I saw somebody who
Reminded me of you
Before you got afraid
I wish that you could've stayed that way

I saw a little girl
I stopped & smiled at her
She screamed & ran away
It happens to me more and more these days

And these songs that you sing
Do they mean anything
To the people you're singing them to
People like you

I saw a photograph
A woman in a bath
Of hundred dollar bills
If the cold doesn't kill her, money will

I read a magazine
That said by seventeen
Your life was at an end
I'm dead & I'm perfectly content

And these songs that I sing
Do they mean anything
To the people I'm singing them to
People like you

And these songs that we sing
Do they mean anything
To the people we're singing them to
People like you

*(Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon / Nicolas Godin, Jean Benoît Dunkel)