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Woman outstares tiger

From News24.com of February 21, 2006

Kuala Lumpur - A female tapper, working in a rubber estate in the central state of Pahang, escaped death when she engaged a tiger in a staring match in which the predator was the loser, a newspaper report said on Tuesday.
"I was tapping a tree and was not aware of the tiger until it sank its teeth on my thigh," said Kaliyama, 57, who lived to relate her story to the Mandarin-language Sin Chiew national daily.
"Being caught in an awkward position, with hands held high , all I can do was to shout ama ....ama."
At this juncture, the tiger released its hold on her and stared at her instead. The staring match lasted several minutes, with both human and predator slowly backing away from each other, with the tiger finally disappearing into the estate.
Wildlife officials found large marks at the scene of the attack and believed the tiger had encroached into the rubber estate from the nearby jungle. - Sapa-dpa

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