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 Today's World (April 2016) 

(April 30, 2016)
Power crisis: Venezuela now implements a 2-day work week to save energy and electricity.

(April 29, 2016)
Guccci laughed at for sending warning letters to Hong Kong shops that paper replicas of its leather bags used at Chinese funeral rites are fake. "Does Gucci want to open branches in the underworld?" asks one on social media.

(April 28, 2016)
Philippines presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, who makes a joke out of the raping of an Australian missionary in campaign speech, is taking clear lead in May 9 election polls.

(April 27, 2016)
Caught partying with Zlatan in Las Vegas when he should be playing for his club in Nottingham! Rugbyman Castrogiovanni had said he couldn't play in match as he has a family matter to attend to in Argentina.

(April 26, 2016)
Former cycling champion told she is too old to represent Great Britain in the 2016 Rio Olympics and that she should just move on and "go and have a baby".

(April 25, 2016)
China's Xi warns of foreign infiltration through religion

(April 24, 2016)
Judge hands decorated war veteran suffering from PTSD a 24-hour sentence for perjury - then spends night in lockup with him to keep him company

(April 23, 2016)
"Downright hypocritical," says London Mayor on Obama's advice to Britons over Brexit. "The Americans would never contemplate anything like the EU, for themselves," he said.

(April 22, 2016)
Young upstart Macron walks a tightrope between showing loyalty in public to unpopular President Hollande and nurturing his personal ambitions.

(April 22, 2016)
Purple rain, purple rain...why some people are wearing purple today.

(April 21, 2016)
Club first, country next. Catalan club Barça as employer of Neymar forces Brazil not to pick its football star for the Copa America tournament. Money is indeed king!

(April 20, 2016)
The story of two Veronas - and how their fast action and cooperation (with help from Interpol) saved a student's life after email mix-up.

(April 19, 2016)
Pope's chosen 12: A brand new life begins for the twelve Syrian asylum seekers after Pope Francis brings them home with him to the Vatican.

(April 18, 2016)
Belgians march through central Brussels in show of solidarity against terrorism

(April 17, 2016)
Major earthquakes hit Ecuador and Japan

(April 17, 2016)
Woman launches petition against university owned by the Church of Jesus Christ for "punishing" her after she reported alleged rape.

(April 16, 2016)
The Chibok girls: "Proof of life" video brings hope for 219 Nigerian teenagers still missing two years after being kidnapped from school by Islamic extremists of the Boko Haram militant group.

(April 15, 2016)
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp turns doubters into believers as his footballers, backed by their fans, come from behind to score the 3 goals needed to win crucial match against Borussia Dortmund in extra time.

(April 14, 2016)
Its inventor calls it Mark 1 but everyone else is calling it the Scarlett Johansson robot

(April 13, 2016)
Singapore's PM in Facebook feud with sister over first year anniversary commemoration of their father's death. Papa would have cringed at the hero worship, she wrote.

(April 12, 2016)
Measuring fitness? Chinese women find new uses for iPhones and A4-sized paper

(April 11, 2016)
Spontaneous "Nuit Debout" protests continue nightly since March 31 at Place de la Republic in Paris as discontent grows against Hollande's government.

(April 10, 2016)
Surgery to come to aid of twin brothers who married identical twin sisters. Oops! One went for a walk and found himself holding hands with his brother's wife, thinking it was his own!

(April 10, 2016)
Cameron releases tax returns information amid row following Panama Papers revelation.

(April 9, 2016)
Advertisement that is aimed at removing the stigma attached to China's "leftover" women - single females who refused to be pressured into marriage

(April 8, 2016)
Venezuela declares every Friday a day off for two months - in order to save energy

(April 7, 2016)
Harvard Yes, Yale Yes, Princeton Yes, Columbia Yes. All eight Ivy League universities say Yes to Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna

(April 6, 2016)
How wealthy husbands use Mossack Fonseca firm to hide assets from soon-to-be exes during divorce proceedings.

(April 5, 2016)
Panama Papers: hiding-place of the world's rich and powerful exposed after documents leaked in a global media investigation. Icelandic P.M. said to have sold company shares to wife for $1 to avoid declaring his assets.

(April 4, 2016)
Karoshi on rise in Japan. The country is witnessing a record number of claims relating to death from overwork, that is, working more than 100 hours of overtime in a month.

(April 3, 2016)
Kolkata flyover collapse: "It's nothing but a God's act," says construction firm but 4 of its executives are arrested and will be charged with attempted murder.

(April 2, 2016)
Political turmoil in Brazil continues as its sport minister resigns just four months ahead of Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro

(April 1, 2016)
Cultural sensitivity: Is Lionel Messi's donation of his football boots for auction an insult? It is, in Egypt.

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