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 Today's World (July 2016)

(July 31, 2016)
Afghan cleric defends marriage to six-year-old girl by saying she was "religious offering" to him

(July 30, 2016)
Photo of bikini-clad Swedish policewoman Mikaela Kellner arresting thief goes viral

(July 29, 2016)
Are Swedes having less sex? A government study wants to find out.

(July 28, 2016)
Leading French media Le Monde and BFM-TV will stop publishing photos of terrorists to avoid bestowing "posthumous glorification".

(July 26, 2016)
ISIS releases video purportedly showing two terrorists who slit throat of French priest.

(July 24, 2016)
Afghanistan blast: Islamic State claims bombing that killed 80 and wounded 230 during protest march in Kabul.

(July 23, 2016)
Munich mall shooting: 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman kills 9, then himself.

(July 22, 2016)
Two Singapore hawker stalls awarded Michelin stars.

(July 21, 2016)
Student activist Joshua Wong, 19, found guilty of "illegal assembly" that launched Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement.

(July 20, 2016)
U.S. Targets $1 Billion in Assets in Malaysian Embezzlement Case.

(July 19, 2016)
German train axe attack by Afghan teenager injures 4 members of HK family. This incident will exacerbate anger over Germany's open door refugee policy, says a political analyst.

(July 18, 2016)
Baton Rouge: Gunman's videos show anger at police treatment of African Americans. "You gotta fight back," he wrote in a post before the shootings that caused the death of 3 police officers.

(July 17, 2016)
After Nice attacks Brazil beefs up counter-terrorism exercises for Olympic games starting on 5th August. Spectators will be checked against a database of 500,000 names, says Defence Minister.

(July 16, 2016)
Military coup d'etat attempt in Turkey repelled

(July 15, 2016)
84 people killed as truck ploughs through crowd at Promenade des Anglais in Nice after fireworks marking Bastille Day. It continued to ram into everything in its way for 2kms. French media have identified the armed driver as a 31-year-old Tunisian.

(July 14, 2016)
After Brexit it is David Cameron's turn to exit 10 Downing Street as Theresa May becomes the new British Prime Minister.

(July 13, 2016)
Head-on collision between two trains on a single-track line in Puglia, Italy left at least 27 people dead and 50 wounded.

(July 12, 2016)
Australian man working in Singapore sacked the day after he described Singapore as a "fu*king sh*t country" in Facebook simply because Pokemon Go isn't available yet.

(July 11, 2016)
Portugal is the new football king of Europe - with Cristiano Ronaldo being first player, then "assistant coach" in the Euro 2016 final!

(July 10, 2016)
Raging bull gores 29-year-old matador to death.

It's payback time, says one commentator.

(July 9, 2016)
"Cultural silence" at Yale University allows sexual harassment charge against eminent professor to be rejected. Yale wants to avoid scandals to keep its reputation intact, says student victim.

(July 8, 2016)
5 Dallas police officers killed and another 7 shot at by snipers during protests against the fatal shootings of two black Americans.

(July 7, 2016)
Hillary Clinton emails: Justice Department closes investigation following the recommendations of FBI director James Comey to not prosecute Ms Clinton.

(July 6, 2016)
Ranked No. 41 tennisman Sam Querrey knocks World No. 1 Novak Djokovic out of Wimbledon tournament

(July 5, 2016)
Athletes who cannot sing the national anthem properly should not be considered to be Japan's representatives to the Olympic Games, says Tokyo 2020 chief.

(July 4, 2016)
Islamic State claims killing of 20 at Bangladesh restaurant and Baghdad bombings that left more than 140 dead

(July 3, 2016)
Newly-installed Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte tells residents of a Manila slum: "If you know of any drug addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful."

(July 2, 2016)
Michelle Obama: What 62 million girls don't have - a chance to chase after their dreams by being able to go to school

(July 1, 2016)
Did Cuban migrants who climbed lighthouse send S.O.S. message in a bottle found by a fisherman? "...we already have comrades going crazy, this is Hell," letter ends.

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