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 Today's World (November 2016)

Appeared in internet. Our world as it is, day by day. The good, the bad and the ugly - everything is reproduced here.

(November 30, 2016)
Brazil declares three days of mourning for 71 aircrash victims which include members of a football team flying to Colombia for the Copa Sudamericana final.

(November 29, 2016)
Be a man and let us discuss, Muslim leader tells hate-letter writer who sent hand-written letter to seven mosques in the U.S. Police thinks the letter writer was emboldened by the current political environment.

(November 28, 2016)
Memorial service to be held for 5,000 fish that were frozen on top of skating rink in Japan to provide a decorative effect while customers skated above.

(November 27, 2016)
Some mourn a brother's death, others celebrate the demise of a tyrant. Fidel Castro proved as divisive in death as he was in life.

(November 27, 2016)
190,000 ducks destroyed in one day in the Netherlands following an avian flu outbreak in northern Europe.

(November 26, 2016)
Turkey threatens Europe: We will throw open our borders to allow migrants to reach the EU, says President Erdogan.

(November 25, 2016)
Airbnb fined for advertising lodgings without permits in Barcelona.

(November 25, 2016)
Severed heads and 32 bodies found in Mexican cartel mass graves.

(November 24, 2016)
British woman on visit to Dubai reported she was raped by two men but was charged with having extramarital sex instead. 30,000 raised through Facebook for her defence but she is finally freed.

(November 23, 2016)
Brad Pitt is again cleared - this time by the FBI - for violence against 15-year-old adopted son that was main reason for Angelina's asking for divorce. The incident was alleged to have taken place on board a private flight from France to Los Angeles.

(November 22, 2016)
Surrogate mothers in Cambodia paid US$400 a month plus $6,000 upon handing over of baby by Australian nurse running the surrogacy clinic in Phnom Penh. She is being charged for child trafficking.

(November 21, 2016)
Angela Merkel to stand for fourth term as German chancellor in September 2017 elections.

(November 21, 2016)
François Fillon, nicknamed "Mister Nobody", is the new man to watch in French politics. Nicolas Sarkozy quits the political scene after obtaining only 20.6% of the votes in France's primary rightwing election.

(November 20, 2016)
Thousands protest in Malaysia, demanding Prime Minister step down

(November 19, 2016)
First Brexit, then Donald Trump, what will be the next domino to fall? The same forces behind Brexit and Trump are at work in Europe, say analysts.

(November 18, 2016)
Goodbye Earth: Trio of astronauts comprising an American, Russian and French blast off into orbit to dock with the International Space Station on Saturday for a six-month mission. They will join the three-man crew currently aboard the station.

(November 16, 2016)
Christian governor of Chinese origin to be charged with blasphemy in Muslim-dominated Indonesia. Some analysts say the protests were motivated more by politics than by religion, as Mr. Basuki, the governor of Jakarta, is seeking re-election in February.

(November 15, 2016)
The number of Indian students soared by 25% in the US after implementation of tougher visa rules in the UK. Another reason is the stabilising of the rupee against the dollar.

(November 14, 2016)
Indians jostle in lines for hours in rush for new currency notes. Some of the ones currently used have become banned overnight in bid to reduce corruption through "black money" cash transactions.

(November 13, 2016)
France remembers the 130 killed in Paris attacks 1 year ago.

(November 12, 2016)
Just a glitch: Thousands of Facebook users were reported dead and "remembered" for eternity - but it's all right, most of them are back to life again!

(November 11, 2016)
Japanese P.M. Shinzo Abe wastes no time in getting a date with U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump for next Thursday.

(November 10, 2016)
1,800 schools in Delhi closed as thick smog covers the city. Experts claim breathing the air is as dangerous as smoking 40 cigarettes a day.

(November 9, 2016)
Bombshell in U.S. Presidential elections: Donald Trump is the new President of the U.S. (but the oath-taking ceremony will only be held on Friday January 20, 2017).

(November 8, 2016)
Lost in translation: "FREE Tea" does not mean it is free as a visitor to Japan found out!

(November 7, 2016)
Constitutional crisis looms in China as Beijing bars two newly-elected Hong Kong lawmakers from taking office. They had shown their defiance of Beijing during the oath-taking ceremony by pronouncing China as "Chee-na", the term used by the Japanese during World War II.

(November 6, 2016)
Those were the days: From the best of friends to the bitterest of enemies.

(November 5, 2016)
Aleppo, Syria: The government-held side of President Bashar al-Assad tries to put on a face of normality away from the bombings on the eastern side of the city held by the rebels.

(November 4, 2016)
"I deeply apologise to the nation," says South Korean's first female leader over scandal that she allowed a mysterious confidante to manipulate power from the shadows.

(November 4, 2016)
Remove doors of university dormitories to prevent gay sex, suggests Indonesian government minister.

(November 3, 2016)
Migrants make Paris their battleground. Large gangs of men armed with makeshift clubs fight each other in the Stalingrad area.

(November 2, 2016)
Officially dead after missing for 71 years! Sweden declares Raoul Wallenberg, diplomat who helped thousands of Jews to flee Nazi-occupied Hungary during World War II, dead 71 years after disappearing into the hands of the Soviet Union.

(November 1, 2016)
Malaysia's P.M. Najib Razak, miffed at U.S. investigations into more than US$1 billion of embezzled funds, turns to China to buy military hardware.

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