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 Today's World (October 2016)

Appeared in internet. Our world as it is, day by day. The good, the bad and the ugly - everything is reproduced here.

(October 31, 2016)
On track to becoming America's first female president, Hillary Clinton is also likely to be the most unpopular person ever elected. Although 44 per cent see her favourably she is still seen unfavourably by 54 per cent of the public.

(October 30, 2016)
Powder sprinkled into New York's Metropolitan Opera pit during intermission of Rossini's "Guillaume Tell" may have been an opera lover's ashes, police said.

(October 29, 2016)
Blame it on the cocaine, says British banker and Cambridge University graduate charged with torturing and killing two Indonesian women in Hong Kong.

(October 29, 2016)
The President who tries to be the "best friend" of journalists. Hollande's confidences to two Le Monde newsmen in A President Shouldn't Say That put him in the category of those who are "politically alive even when they have actually died".

(October 28, 2016)
Philippine President promises God he will stop using foul language. "I heard a voice telling me to stop swearing or the plane will crash in mid-air," he told reporters at airport after trip to Japan.

(October 27, 2016)
Miss Iceland quits international beauty pageant in Las Vegas after she was told she has "too much fat".

(October 27, 2016)
The battle for Mosul: The beginning of the end as the Iraqi government prepares to wrest back control of Mosul from ISIL.

(October 26, 2016)
All because of Snapchat: Saudi groom divorces his wife just TWO HOURS after their wedding...

(October 25, 2016)
Bye-bye Calais: French government starts week-long demolition of the "Jungle", symbol of Europe's failure to handle the migrant influx.

(October 24, 2016)
Egyptians brewing with anger over shortage of subsidized sugar. They put the blame on President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's management of the economy.

(October 23, 2016)
174 inmates on the run after escaping from prison in Haiti. They had earlier overpowered the guards who were escorting them to a bathing area.

(October 22, 2016)
Wonder Woman comes to the rescue of the U.N. who picks the fictional and commercialized character as its gender equality ambassador. But some 50 UN staff protested by turning their back during the ceremony, saying a real-life woman should be selected instead.

(October 21, 2016)
"Three of us against the world": Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announces "separation" from the U.S. as he embraces China and Russia.

(October 20, 2016)
Meet Ed Whitlock, an 85-year-old Canadian who runs the marathon in under 4 hours!

(October 20, 2016)
Chaos in Hong Kong’s legislature as Beijing loyalists stage walkout to prevent pro-democracy activists from re-taking their oaths.

(October 19, 2016)
Thousands of refugees successfully sue German government over partial asylum status.

(October 18, 2016)
Brazil prison violence leaves at least 18 inmates dead with some burned alive and beheaded.

(October 18, 2016)
First busload of "children" from Calais Jungle reach Britain. "These young men don't look like minors to me," says one MP.

(October 17, 2016)
Princess Hassa, only daughter of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, has fled Paris after asking bodyguard to "kill this dog, he doesn't deserve to live".

(October 16, 2016)
Rumours about bridge collapse led to stampede in the northern Indian city of Varanasi, causing the death of at least 24 Hindu pilgrims there for a religious ritual.

(October 15, 2016)
Thailand's new King? Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn's flamboyant lifestyle fills many Thais with apprehension.

(October 15, 2016)
French police accused of stealing shoes of refugees to stop them leaving Calais Jungle.

(October 14, 2016)
Thais mourn death of revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej, until now the world's longest-reigning monarch, having ruled for 70 years.

(October 13, 2016)
Cancellation of Airbus helicopter deal and withdrawal of invitation to Paris industry fair was too much for Polish minister who claims: "We were the ones who taught the French how to use forks".

(October 12, 2016)
Mulan "whitewashed"? A petition signed by over 12,000 people want Disney to stick to the legend familiar to every Chinese about a girl who goes to war disguised as a man in order to take her old father's place in the army.

(October 12, 2016)
Holidaying New Zealand woman, who fell 14 floors from balcony, was not allowed to leave apartment by her newly-met Tinder date after night of fun, Australian jury told.

(October 11, 2016)
An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family to Go Back to China. (By Michael Luo, a New York Times Editor)

(October 11, 2016)
I'm a doctor. If I drop food on the kitchen floor, I still eat it. Why? Because my kitchen floor isn't really that dirty. (By Aaron E. Carroll)

(October 10, 2016)
Personal attacks at the forefront of a bitter second Clinton/Trump debate - but it ends on a civil note with each praising the other. (Video opens automatically)

(October 9, 2016)
This Syrian is being hunted by German police over suspected bomb plot in Chemnitz, near Dresden. A substance more dangerous than TNT was found at an apartment.

(October 8, 2016)
Hurricane Matthew leaves at least 842 dead and more than 300,000 homeless in Haiti.

(October 8, 2016)
"When you're a star they let you do it". Donald Trump apologizes over boast about women that he made during a 2005 conversation. Watch both videos here.

(October 7, 2016)
With Hurricane Matthew approaching, Florida Governor tells 1.5 million people: "You need to leave. Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate."

(October 6, 2016)
Denmark considers compulsory language test for all two-year-olds. Parents could face cuts to child benefit if they don't comply.

(October 5, 2016)
Singapore diver killed by one of the stingrays he used to hand-feed at marine park.

(October 5, 2016)
Philippine hostility to the U.S. continues with President Duterte telling Obama to "go to hell" as he can buy arms from Russia and China.

(October 4, 2016)
Nine Australians arrested for stripping to show off their underwear displaying Malaysian flag at Sepang Grand Prix.

(October 4, 2016)
3 Japan governors don "pregnancy" vests in campaign to get the nation's notoriously workaholic men to give their wives a helping hand at home.

(October 3, 2016)
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian robbed of millions by Paris gunmen dressed as policemen.

(October 3, 2016)
Hungary referendum: Overwhelming majority of voters say "No" to EU mandatory migrant quotas but that's not helping P.M. Viktor Orban as turnout was below 50%.

(October 2, 2016)
Meet Tiffany, Donald Trump's daughter who has been shunning the limelight.

(October 1, 2016)
Kashmir dispute: Pakistan cinemas ban Indian films as "an act of solidarity". Earlier Indian motion picture producers had banned Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood.

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