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 Today's World (September 2016)

Appeared in internet. Our world as it is, day by day. The good, the bad and the ugly - everything is reproduced here, nothing is held back.

(September 30, 2016)
Oh no, not again! 80% of French people against President Hollande standing for reelection.

(September 29, 2016)
Baseball match at stadium takes second place as Yankees fan drops engagement ring while proposing to his girlfriend.

(September 28, 2016)
World's first baby born with the DNA of three parents is now 5 months old. The new technique is not authorized in the US, so medical team went to Mexico to enable Jordanian mother suffering from Leigh syndrome to have a baby without that disease.

(September 28, 2016)
Shimon Peres Dies at 93 - Built Up Israel's Defense and Sought Peace

(September 27, 2016)
Highlights from the first of 3 U.S. presidential debates on TV that was watched by 100 million Americans.

(September 26, 2016)
"Donít interfere with my shorts!" Turkish women protest after nurse was kicked in the face for wearing shorts on bus.

(September 26, 2016)
Swiss mindset changes in the face of increasing danger from terrorism. They voted in favour of giving more powers to their intelligence services.

(September 25, 2016)
Police arrest man who stole Pippa Middleton's private photos and phone numbers from her Apple iCloud account. Hacker had demanded £50,000 from The Sun in exchange for her 3,000 pictures which include those of her sister Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

(September 25, 2016)
EU should set up a "giant refugee city" on the Libyan coast, says Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

(September 24, 2016)
Charlotte demonstrators continue to break curfew to protest shooting of black man by a plainclothes officer, himself an African American.

(September 23, 2016)
Do you have a Yahoo email account? You might be among the 500 million users whose email address, phone number, password and birth date have been hacked!

(September 23, 2016)
Internet comes to the rescue of roadside soft toys seller who found himself in a predicament after someone ordered 250 Pokemon toys but never turned up to pay for it.

(September 22, 2016)
Calais Jungle workers accused of "sexually exploiting" camp's migrants. The majority of the cases involved female volunteers and male refugees, says an insider.

(September 21, 2016)
3 teenagers brag about their swatting prowess online - while Les Halles area in Paris was on full police alert for "imaginary" terrorists.

(September 21, 2016)
Yet another marriage goes on the rocks. Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt "for the health of the family". (Video opens automatically)

(September 20, 2016)
Who is Ahmad Khan Rahami, the American behind the bombings in both New York and New Jersey? After his visit to Afghanistan he became a "completely different person". (Video opens automatically)

(September 19, 2016)
More than just nuns. The 350 Kung-Fu nuns of Nepal help to promote female empowerment by practising traditionally masculine skills.

(September 18, 2016)
New York Mayor says Saturday night explosion in Manhattan was an "intentional" act. A second device, reportedly a pressure cooker attached to wiring and a mobile phone, was later found in the same district.

(September 17, 2016)
Italian woman wanted to taunt ex-boyfriend by sending him video of her having sex with new man. But this went viral, causing her to commit suicide by hanging.

(September 16, 2016)
Mother of three and her 21-year-old lover tortured and hanged from a tree in "honour killing" by husband, father and brother of woman. Over 1,000 "honour killings" were recorded in Pakistan in 2015.

(September 15, 2016)
Authentically beautiful! Alicia Keys denounces the "tyranny of makeup" and causes a furor with her "no makeup" revolution.

(September 15, 2016)
Australian senator tells migrants: "Go back where you came from." Pauline Hanson adds: "We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own." (Video opens automatically)

(September 14, 2016)
"Earthquake Italian Style" cartoon may land French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in trouble with Italian justice. As if that is not enough another cartoon puts the blame for the badly-constructed houses on the Mafia.

(September 13, 2016)
David Cameron resigned as an MP and people are making all the jokes you'd expect.

(September 13, 2016)
Muslim woman in religious garb set on fire while shopping in New York City on eve of the 15th anniversary of 9/11 attacks.

(September 12, 2016)
Stan Wawrinka does it again! His victory over Djokovic in the U.S. Open final cannot be considered as an upset as he has beaten him three times in the past three seasons.

(September 11, 2016)
Bangladesh factory fire claims 25 lives. Government officials believe a gas leak may be behind the explosion.

(September 10, 2016)
A picture that is meant to shock by showing what heroin can do to you.

(September 9, 2016)
Cell of French women guided by Isis behind failed Notre Dame attack in Paris. Their arrest followed the discovery of a car loaded with 7 gas cylinders near the cathedral.

(September 8, 2016)
Why whistleblower Snowden's lawyers in Hong Kong hid him in lodgings of their Filipino and Sri Lankan clients after he left his 5-star hotel in 2013. "Nobody would look for him there," one of them said.

(September 7, 2016)
France and Germany's open-door immigration policy is "a disaster" and Hillary Clinton wants to be the Merkel of the United States, says Donald Trump.

(September 6, 2016)
Enough is enough! Business owners, truck drivers, farmers and local residents of Calais stage a blockade to protest against their city being turned into a "jungle" by up to 10,000 migrants and refugees.

(September 6, 2016)
Barack Obama cancels meeting with Rodrigo Duterte after Philippines president calls him a son of a b****.

(September 6, 2016)
15,000 Chinese living in France take to the streets to protest against violence aimed at them after one died during robbery attack in Aubervilliers.

(September 5, 2016)
Humiliating defeat for Angela Merkel's ruling CDU party. Germans show Merkel what they think of her "welcome with open arms" refugee policy.

(September 4, 2016)
Clowns outside of a circus are no laughing matter for parents and police in South Carolina. A man dressed as a clown was seen trying to lure children into the woods by displaying large amounts of cash.

(September 3, 2016)
Mark of a true sportsman. Italian goalkeeper Buffon's clapping of the French national anthem when the stadium was booing it changed the whole situation.

(September 3, 2016)
"Mie pedas mampus" (spicy death noodles) lives up to its name. This is what happens when a Londoner takes up the challenge to eat it at a tiny back street restaurant in Jakarta.

(September 2, 2016)
Rioting in the capital of Gabon after re-election of President Ali Bongo by the slimmest of margins.

(September 2, 2016)
Return of the angry youth: Hong Kong's protests leave umbrella of unity behind.

(September 1, 2016)
Five-day-old baby among 6,500 migrants rescued by Italian coast guard personnel off the coast of Libya.

(September 1, 2016)
Leonardo DiCaprio gets caught up in Malaysia's money corruption scandal. He was asked to return money that was donated to his Foundation as it came from proceeds of corruption in Malaysia.

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