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CLICK HERE for some of the low-cost airlines that could help you with your holiday planning. You could get really cheap fares if you book several months ahead. (Note: Right-click on the company you are interested in, choose "This Frame" then "Open frame in new window".)
The following sites compare all air fares: (1) Liligo   (2) Kayak   (3) Opodo   (4) Skyscanner   (5) Jetcost
Here is one site where you can fix the fare you want to pay: Option Way
And here is a site to enable you to book your train tickets for all over Europe: https://www.trainline.eu/
But if you prefer travelling all over Europe by bus then you might be interested in booking Flixbus, one of Europe's largest long-distance bus network, the other being Eurolines. Take your choice!

  Popular destinations for your holidays  

Dutch windmill, Venetian gondola, Trevi fountain (Rome), Torre Agbar (Barcelona), astronomical clock (Prague), The Shard (London), Place de la Republique (Paris), The Broken Chair (Geneva), Little Mermaid (Copenhagen)

There is nothing worse than coming back from a trip abroad to hear friends ask "Have you been to such-and-such a place?" and having to reply in the negative.
This page puts the focus on other must-see cities which are just a couple of hours from where you are holidaying. Thus if you are in Paris for two or three weeks in summer and you love the seaside it would be a real pity not to take the train for La Rochelle. And once you are in La Rochelle, how about going to the bicycle-riding paradise of Ile de Ré? After all it is only a bridge away!

Again, taking Paris as our base (since hardly any tourist comes to Europe without making a stop in this enchanting city) you will hardly lose any of your valuable holiday time if you were to take the night train for either Madrid, Barcelona, Venice or Rome.
Think about it - you spend the night sleeping as you normally do (though the sleeping berth can never be as comfortable as your bed) and when you wake up in the morning you are already in Madrid, Barcelona, Venice or Rome! Once you are in Rome it's only one and a half hour's train ride to Naples. And once you are in Naples you will never forgive yourself if you don't take the boat to the Capri Island...The possibilities are endless. They will be discussed more fully in these pages. (Click on the name of the city you are interested in.)

   Venice    Paris Madrid    London

   Barcelona    Rome    Naples    Cannes

   Monaco    Nice    Geneva  Amsterdam

   Beijing    Shanghai    Xi'an    Hangzhou

   Marrakesh    Casablanca    Penang (Malaysia)    Capri Island




      Perhentian Islands

   La Rochelle    Ile de Ré       Toledo       Brighton

Trolls guarding souvenir store in Oslo
The Parthenon in Acropolis, Athens
Visiting Andalucia in Spain
Street art in Na Prikope street in Prague

Half-timbered houses in Rouen
Leeds Castle in Kent
Steamy open-air pool in Szechenyi, Budapest during winter
View from top of Taormina near Catania in Sicily










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