Malaysian traffic police offer discounts

From The of Monday, August 29, 2005

Associated Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Malaysian traffic police are offering a half off discount on millions of unpaid tickets to mark the National Day, and will set up counters at major shopping malls to clear the backlog, a news report said Tuesday.
Malaysia will celebrate National Day on Wednesday - the 48th anniversary of independence from British rule.
Traffic police chief Gingkoi Seman Pancras said officers were hoping to collect fines from motorists who have defaulted on 3.4 million summonses issued since 1999, the New Straits Times reported.
The offer, valid between Sept. 1 and Sept. 22, excludes summonses issued under a recent traffic crackdown and those repeat summonses accompanied with warrants of arrests for defaulting payment, he said.
"We will, however, consider a discount on a case-by-case basis if they have good reasons," Gingkoi said. "I call on all Malaysians to take up this offer to pay up or face action."
Gingkoi or his officials were not immediately available to confirm the report.
Despite having first class road infrastructure, Malaysian motorists like their counterparts in many Asian countries are notorious for speeding, beating traffic lights, jumping queues and ignoring pedestrian crossings.
According to government statistics, nearly 160,000 accidents killed 3,006 people in the first half of 2005, an average of more than 16 deaths a day.
Authorities have introduced several measures to bring the toll down and instill discipline, including urging the public to upload digital photographs to a Web site that catch motorists in the act of violating traffic rules.
Since its launch in July, summonses have been issued to some 40 of the 400 motorists whose alleged offenses were exposed online.
Other plans include embedding speed cameras in cat's eye road studs, building police watchtowers on highways and running police cars on highways at the speed limit, keeping all traffic behind them in check.